Kate Somerville's newest SuperCell Rejuvenation Serum takes skin renewal to another level. Here's the clever way it can rejuvenate skin up to 5 years

Written in partnership with Kate Somerville

How do you turn your skin cells into super skin cells? Meet the new SuperCell Rejuvenation Serum, the latest future-proofing addition to Kate Somerville’s KateCeuticals clinical skincare range. In tests, it was shown to rejuvenate skin by up to five years.*

Using all the experience and knowledge from her cutting-edge LA aesthetics clinic, Kate spent five years developing this serum, which she describes as her “passion project”. The result is a concentrated light gel that uses vegan stem cell growth factors to help repair damage and speed renewal, boosting collagen and elastin and helping post-treatment healing.

"In the clinic, we use stem cells for treatments like microneedling, lasers and acne treatments," says Kate. "They help with the healing process, speeding it up quite significantly. They also keep inflammation and redness down."

The buzz around biostimulation

The latest buzzword in the world of aesthetics is ‘biostimulation’ – getting your own cells to rejuvenate and to turn back your 'skin age.' You’ve probably heard of medical facial treatments such as microneedling and Morpheus8 ­- all of which Kate offers in her clinic - that are leading the way in the quest for a ‘you but better’ complexion.

Think of SuperCell Rejuvenation Serum as your at-home biostimulator - tapping your skin’s potential to regenerate with plant stem cells and boosting peptide messenger molecules that tell the cells to repair and renew.

Yes, there have been stem cell serums before, but what sets this apart is the hero nicotiana benthamiana plant which produces growth factors that mimic human proteins. They help to repair any damaged tissue by stimulating new cell growth for boosted collagen, skin elasticity and overall skin health.  The 'power' plant has been a key player in biotech for years, including in the development of vaccines.

How do you use SuperCell Rejuvenation Serum?

You can use the light milky serum as an everyday powerhouse morning and night under your moisturiser. The tube has a cooling metal roller applicator that dispenses just the right amount. It means that none is wasted on your fingers and it turns the simple act of rubbing in a serum into a spa-like treat, improving circulation and reducing puffiness.

Its secondary superpower is as a post-treatment turbo-charger. A group of women aged 25 to 65 who trialled it twice a day for a week after treatments such as Mopheus 8 (radiofrequency microneedling) agreed that their redness went down and their skin healed faster. Storing the serum in the fridge makes the roller extra cooling to further calm down any post-treatment irritation.

Who is this power serum for?

The number one skin goal these days is healthy skin – a face that looks smoother, firmer and more hydrated. SuperCell Rejuvenation Serum is for anyone who wants to take charge of their skin rejuvenation journey, including those like Kate herself, who have sensitive skin. Rejuvenated skin typically shows up as improved texture, reduced wrinkles, even skin tone, increased elasticity, and a radiant complexion. Whatever your skin issue, be it pigmentation, dullness, needing to build your skin barrier, addressing wrinkles, or making your skin firmer and more resilient – or all of the above! – this earns its place in your regime. Because it talks to your skin at a cellular level, it goes right to the heart of where the renewal happens – clever!

SuperCell Rejuvenation Serum is available now at Spacenk.com, £84

*Based on image analysis from a 4-week independent clinical study on 30 women, aged 35-65