Cannabis sativa seed oil is the beauty ingredient of the moment - here’s how Kiehl’s’ powerful new herbal fix could solve your skin woes

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Ingredient-led skincare is currently quite the trend in beauty - but nothing has had quite as much of a buzz around it as cannabis sativa seed oil, AKA hemp seed oil. Not to be confused with the wellness-boosting cannabidiol (CBD), it’s made from the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant and is full of beauty benefits, from being a super hydrator to having an anti-inflammatory effect on redness - which is why Kiehl’s has harnessed its powers in its latest launch, the Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate.

Already well-loved for their oils (hello Midnight Recovery) Kiehl’s has done what it does best and created a 100% naturally derived formula, which is designed to calm stressed-out skin and fix all manner of complexion issues. What’s more, if you’re generally an oil avoider, this might just be the product to change your mind - here’s why…

It suits blemish-prone skin

The debate surrounding oils for oil-prone skin types is an ongoing one, but Kiehl’s may just have put it to bed with this potent concentrate. As well as the all-important hemp seed oil, it contains green oregano oil which not only has antioxidant properties (a big tick for clearer, brighter skin) but is also traditionally used as an antiseptic, making it ideal for tackling breakouts and keeping them under control. Even better, the formula is non-comedogenic, and so light that it almost doesn’t feel like an oil; every skin type can benefit.

It reduces redness

An uneven skin tone is one of the nation’s biggest skin concerns, but the calming and anti-inflammatory properties of the plant can help. The formula is 60 per cent cannabis sativa seed oil, derived from cold-pressed hemp seeds - which helps to address blotchiness, making it especially suitable for those with problem skin. In trials, 76 per cent of participants using the oil saw visibly reduced redness after just one week, while 83 per cent felt the appearance of their skin had improved.

It builds resilience

The key to healthy skin is a healthy skin barrier, and this nourishing formula can help. With its blend of oils, it’s super hydrating despite its light-as-air texture, and the cannabis sativa seed oil comes to the rescue again by gently improving your skin’s resilience and relieving the discomfort that often comes with sensitive, problem-prone skin types. Just a few drops applied post-cleanse will instantly leave skin feeling soft and soothed.

Kiehl's Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate is £38 for 30ml , and available now exclusively at Selfridges and at

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