From £9.99 night creams to a £12.99 dark spot corrector, Boots’ latest launch aims to offer both visible results and value for money

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Over the last couple of years, Boots' in-house skincare brands have gone from strength to strength. From No7 to Good Skin , they offer both performance and affordability and its latest line-up, L;ft, looks set to build on this even further.

Ranging from £9.99 for a face cream to £12.99 for a face oil and formulated with ingredients such as vitamin C , lipopeptides  and hyaluronic acid , the 10-piece collection includes both everyday essentials and more targeted treatments for smoother and brighter skin. Should you pop them in your basket next time you’re in-store or browsing online? Here’s what you need to know about the new low cost line-up to help you decide.

It’s developed with thirty-something skin in mind

Primarily aimed at those aged 35+, the range aims to help reduce a range of skin concerns such as loss of firmness, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. More sophisticated in their formulations, they're therefore a little more expensive than the last Boots skincare range that launched, Good Skin , back in September.

It suits a range of different skincare regimes

Whether you like to keep things simple or prefer a multi-stage and product approach, the three sub-categories that fall under the L;ft umbrella make choosing the right product for your needs and lifestyle refreshingly easy.

Firstly, there’s L;ft Essentials, a two-product range that’s formulated to reduce fine lines; the next level up - L;ft Advanced to reduce the more visible signs of ageing such as uneven skin tone and loss of firmness and L;ft Treatments, a range of products developed to address specific areas of concern such as dark spots and dark circles.

It takes the confusion out of choosing a night cream

There’s such a wide variety of night creams out there at the moment that the prospect of choosing one can be particularly overwhelming. However, the range’s pared back selection of night creams helps make the experience much less stressful. For smoother, softer skin, the Essentials Sleep On It Night Re-Hydrating Cream , £9.99, is a good fit thanks to its combination of collagen-boosting white lupin extract and lipopeptides and protective and brightening vitamin C.

To boost skin tone, look to L;ft Advanced Bounce Back Night Re-Hydrating Cream , £11.99. Key ingredients include firming lipoaminoacid and alfalfa extract and moisture-boosting algae and polyglucuronic acid extract - good if dullness and loss of elasticity are your main concerns.

Its targeted treatments are surprisingly affordable

If you're looking to address concerns such as dark spots, dark circles and deep set lines, the 6-piece L;ft Treatments range looks to fit the bill. All priced at £12.99, it provides a more affordable alternative to other similar types of products.

L;ft Buff & Glow 60 Second Polish  is one of the hero products, an exfoliant formulated with papaya enzymes. It had glowing reviews during consumer tests. Fitting as ¾ of the women who tried it said that it left their skin looking brighter.

Another product we have our eye on is the  Instantly Gorgeous Dramatically Hydrating Night Oil  thanks to its blend of sunflower, shea butter, cotton seed and abyssinian seed oils. To smooth lines and wrinkles, its Perfectly Plumped Line Smoothing Concentrate  makes for a more-hardworking option. A serum of sorts, it features ingredients such as hydration heavyweight hyaluronic acid alongside firming lipoproteins and wrinkle-busting myoxinol.

Any final takeaways?

Boots is currently offering a ⅓ off L;ft skincare resulting in all the products coming in at under a tenner. They were affordable to begin with, but now, even more so. Our bank balances are grateful.

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