Today La Roche Posay launches their international skin campaign to encourage more people to check themselves and those they love for any damage caused by harmful UV rays

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With the summer months approaching and the promise of sunny skies ahead, it’s hard not to get excited about the start of the brighter, warmer seasons. However, while we love a spot of sun as much as the next person, it’s extremely important to make sure our skin is adequately protected from the harmful effects of UV rays - an opinion that skin care company La Roche Posay also feels strongly about.

Launching today, the company is beginning its international skin campaign to educate and empower individuals to play a proactive role in actively monitoring their skin and the skin of the ones they love for moles.

This premise of the campaign was born out of frustration at seeing skin cancer diagnoses on the rise - currently we’re experiencing 75,000 new cases every year - levels that are three times higher than they were during the 1970s. And it seems that personal negligence is the cause of this.

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Research carried out by the company revealed that 94% of respondents understood exposure to the sun can cause health problems, however only 12% protected their skin all year round. However, it was also revealed that 65% of people admitted they do more for the health of the people they love rather than for themselves. Given that 90% of melanomas caught in time can be successfully treated, the importance of being aware of your own and others bodies is vital.

So, demonstrated by a band of sweet, spotty dalmatians the video aims to encourage more people to keep an eye on yours and other moles for any signs of change. Please do take a look at the video below and help raise this awareness by sharing it across your social channels using  @larocheposayUKI  and the dedicated hashtag #skinchecker.

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