The sun's out which means our legs are too. Here's how's to get your legs summer ready quickly and easily

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After months of concealing our legs up in joggers, athleisure wear or whatever your cover-up of choice is, it's time to get those legs summer ready and show them off to the world. Now, we're all for being your authentic self so of course your legs are already summer ready. However, if you want to give them a bit of TLC and a little bit of an extra glow-up then we've gone through the 5 simple steps to get them defuzzed, rehydrated, sloughed away of all dry skin and maybe even that a bit more glowy-looking and, as always, there's an option for all budgets, schedules and every other proclivity we could think of.

Step 1: Hair removal

Whether you're a shaving stalwart, a waxing pro or you're looking to invest in longer-term hair removal, here are some of the best options for getting your legs summer smooth.

Woo Woo Tame It! Hair Removal, £9.64

Arguably even easier and more convenient than shaving is this in-shower hair removal cream. Simply apply it to your legs - it can also be used on your bikini line, underarms or anywhere else on the body - before getting into the shower. It comes with a handy, ergonomic spatula which makes it really easy to smooth over legs. Wait 1 minute and then get into the shower. Avoid putting your legs directly in the shower stream for the next two minutes (we get on with washing our hair and sort of tilt our head back to keep the water concentrated on our head) and then use a sponge or a cloth to remove a small test area. If the hair all comes away then keep washing off, otherwise just wait a bit longer so it can work its magic a bit harder. Unlike hair removal creams of old this doesn't smell bad, which also makes it much nicer to use.

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Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3 Beauty Eco Green, £7.19 for four razors

We know waxing  lasts longer, but sometimes you can't beat a nice shaving session in the bath. Quick, easy and convenient and a step that makes us feel more summer-ready immediately. Thanks to Wilkinson Sword, shaving can be more eco-friendly too. This razor comes in fully cardboard packaging, plus the handle is made from 95 per cent recycled plastic and can be recycled again.

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Estrid Watermelon Jelly Shower + Shave, £8.95

Who's guilt of just using your shower gel to shave with. Yes, us too! But now, thanks to this beauty of a product, you don't have to compromise on a great shave and showering. The problem with using regular shower gels is that they can dry out the skin that you're shaving, however this hybrid shower and shaving gel contains skin hydrating squalane as well as sunflower seed oil to add some glowy sheen and it has an amazing scent. Plus, and we know we shouldn't judge products by their packaging, but how cool does it look?!

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Sunny The Body Wax Strips, £7

We like to call a spade a spade here at Get The Gloss towers, so we're not going to lie to you: wax strips are never going to be the pain-free or pain-less hair removal option. However if you like the longevity of a wax with the convenience of not having to leave your house, then these are what you need.  The wax is pre-applied to the strip and it's already been warmed so these are easy as it gets. Simply apply to your legs, give it a bit of a rub (maybe for Dutch courage more than anything else) and then remove in the opposite direction of your hair growth.

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Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5, £258

For even longer-lasting hair removal, try Braun's latest hair removal laser, which takes just five minutes per leg to zap your hairs away. Granted, it's a bit of a longer commitment than shaving or waxing (it takes four weeks to whisk away your leg hair permanently) but imagine scarcely needing to wax or shave again?

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Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Lotion, £13.49

If you're afflicted with ingrown hairs  you'll know just how irritating they can be. This liquid makes light work of them, banishing both ingrown hairs and razor burn to make your legs smooth and bump-free. It uses anti-bacterial isopropyl alcohol to sterilises infected pores, ant-inflammatory acetylsalicylic acid to reduce swelling and glycolic acid  to remove dry skin cells and calm redness. You can use it on any ingrown hair, but it certainly works wonders on legs.

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Step 2: Exfoliate

After hair removal, but not straight after - give it a day or two - treat your legs to (probably) a long overdue scrub. We don't need to tell you that exfoliating regularly not only gets rid of the dead, dull looking skin laying on the surface but encourages fresher skin cells to the surface making your legs look revived. Here are some of our favourte body scrubs that do the job very well.

Save on: Dove Exfoliating Body Scrub Crushed Macadamia & Rice Milk, £3

You just can't go wrong with a Dove body product and this super price conscious scrub is no exception. Crushed macadamia shells provide the gentle scrubbing effect whilst Dove's iconic 1/4 moisturising cream delivers hydration to the skin.

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Spend on:  Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub, £16

A cult beauty buy and for very good reason. This salty/ oily scrub gives just the right amount of grit to get rid of dead skin but leaves a gorgeously silky, sheeny effect to the skin after. Plus it smells amazing.

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Splurge on: Sunday Riley Charcoal Smoothie Body Scrub, £32

Everyone knows you can't achieve a flawless fake tan  if you haven't exfoliated first and this happens to be the best exfoliator we've tried in a long while. It has a jelly texture with large grains inside which refine rough skin thanks to salicylic acid.

It smoothes bumps while natural exfoliating powders and charcoal massages away dull, dead skin cells. It moisturises too with coconut water and avocado oil. It does create a bit of a mess in the shower (little black charcoal grains are no friend to white tiles) but it can be forgiven for how nicely it makes moisturiser glide on. Since using this GTG's digital writer Melanie has had several compliments on how soft the backs of her arms are (really!) and she's sure the same would go for her legs if anyone has the pleasure of touching them.

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Step 3: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

It's time to pay as much hydration attention to our legs as we do our face. Which means applying a decent body lotion or serum on a regular basis, especially because as soon as our legs are exposed to the weather they will get drier which means they will need even more TLC. Here are some of our favourite body lotions for summer legs.

CeraVe Moisturising Cream, £12.80

Formulated with hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin and three ceramides that strengthen the skin barrier, meaning moisture will stay locked in for longer, this is a no-fuss but super efficient moisturiser. Plus it is unscented and has been created with the driest and most sensitive skins in mind. It is actually designed to be used from head to toe but we would only recommend super parched skins use it on the face. It comes in a large tub that seems to never end making it a great budget-friendly buy.

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Dr Sam's Flawless Body Therapy, £29

This is Sam Bunting's first foray into body care and we're happy to report it's just as high-performing as her skincare. It's designed to tackle the signs of premature ageing, brightening, firming and smoothing dull, neglected skin (our legs post-winter for sure). It works extra hard and reviving dry patches on the knees and absorbs with no stickiness. It uses a plethora of skincare ingredients to achieve the promised results, including bakuchiol , to help reduce hyperpigmentationniacinamide , which also works on hyperpigmentation, lactic acid to draw moisture to the skin and squalane  to soften and smooth the skin. It packs the same punch as a facial serum, just on a bigger scale.

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Glossier Body Hero Dry-Touch Oil Mist, £24

Glossier's body oil smells of neroli and leaves skin silky, absorbs easily. We especially like that it sprays on so our hands don't get slippy during application. It gives the legs a lovely sheen with moisture that lasts all day long, plus it's a dry oil so you can get dressed straight away after using it.

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Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Body Lotion for Very Dry Skin, £5.99

Budget friendly, comes with a handy pump applicator and it  sinks in right away and leaves legs feeling ultra nourished with a honey and floral scent that lasts all day. What's not to love?!

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Step 4: The must-have tools

Sometimes even the cleverest of products and some serious elbow grease are not enough. That's where tools come into their own, allowing for that extra level of efficacy and results.

Soap & Glory The Exfoli-Great Scrub Gloves, £4.50

If body scrubs aren't your thing, or you're looking to ramp up your scrub capability then these gloves are a legs best friend. Plus they make giving the soles of your feet and the tricky areas around the ankles a light scrub so much easier.

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Legology Circu-Lite Squeeze Therapy For Legs, £12

Granted, this looks like an ice lolly mould, but in fact, it's a vacuum cup that moved over the skin to help reduce fluid retention and promote circulation. We all know there's no miracle cure for cellulite  (and nor do we need one) but by banishing water retention it smoothes the skin texture to achieve a smoother look. It should be used over an oil, in an upward motion from the knee to the hip. Legology's Cellu-Lite Salon Secret For Legs,  £62.50, was designed to be used with this and has the most amazing zesty smell.

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Aromatherapy Associates Polishing Body Brush , £26

Lisa Snowdon  said she dry body brushes  every day to wake up her circulation and keep her skin soft. Benefits include blood circulation stimulation, lymphatic drainage, softer skin and exfoliation, plus any products you apply after body brushing penetrate better.

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Step 5: Add some glow

From gradual tan to instant shimmer, these glow-givers are the ultimate in getting your legs summer ready.

Nuxe Shimmering Dry Oil, £29.50

This hydrating oil, that's not greasy in anyway, leaves the skin with a gorgeous shimmering golden tone but thanks to it's amazing scent, transports you to a tropical paradise when in reality you may just be sitting in the local park.

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Isle of Paradise Body Butter and Blending Brush, £17.95 and £9.71

The illuminating velvety-smooth body butter is designed for every skin tone and gives a gradual self-tan with the most natural yet buildable glow. GTG's Jemma tested and sang its praises for darker skin and we've had rave reviews on pale skin too. You apply the easy-to-use tan in place of your regular moisturiser; it’s slightly richer and incredibly hydrating, nourishing and doesn’t feel greasy at all. Plus, it features green colour correcting actives that work to cancel redness. You can apply it alone with hands or even better with the brand's new  Blending Brush , £9.71.

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S19 Super Fix Body Makeup, £25

This lightweight formula instant smooths, evens and add a natural luminosity to the legs,  blurring and concealing marks, veins and pigmentation for flawless limbs. It's transfer-proof so you don't need to worry about getting it on your white dresses and it's infused with vitamin E to be conditioning to the skin. There are eight skin tone shades from Fair to Deep Dark and two gloss shades for people who want shine. Opt for your own skin tone to cover imperfections or a shade darker for a bronzed look.

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