The budget supermarket's Cien Hydro Expert range starts from £1.49. Here's what we know...

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Lidl has become the go-to place for affordable dupes of sought after beauty products and the latest offerings home in on that hydrating skincare hero hyaluronic acid.

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The new Cien Hydro Expert launches today and includes a micellar water, cleansers and moisturisers, all laden with the star ingredient.

We're curious to see if these dupes offer the same moisture-packing powers as the brands which (judging by the similar packaging) they are duping: Neutrogena's Hydro Boost collection and Boots Nº7 Hydraluminous  range for a fraction of the price. They start at £1.49 for Micellar Water.  We weren’t able to test out the products as samples weren’t available, nor can we give you the full ingredients list so, we can’t say for sure how they might measure up to your trusty moisturiser but the price point is incomparable.

The range includes the following: Aqua Gel, £2.99; Creme Gel, £2.99; Hyualuron Gel, £2.99; Cleansing Lotion, £1.99; Cleansing Gel, £1.99 and Micellar Water, £1.49.

If you aren’t fussy when it comes to dupes or would like to give a more affordable option a go at £1.49 you’d be hard pushed to say you’ve wasted your money.

Lidl's Hydro Expert range is available in-store now

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