Shown to reduce the length of outbreaks by up to half, this new budget lip balm not only leaves lips tingle-free but smoother and softer too

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Cold sore treatments - they’re not the most glamourous-looking of beauty products are they? Usually the more clinical looking salve on our supermarket shelves, style can often take a backseat to substance in most cases however, a new bullet on the market is showing that you can have both. Meet Base Lip Solve, a new does-it-all lip balm that not only lessens the severity of your outbreaks, but looks great and also leaves lips softer and smoother too - and all for under a tenner.

With a focus more on prevention rather than on cure, it’s designed to be used in place of your usual lip balm as a way to target the herpes virus (that causes cold sores) as it lies dormant in nerve cells. By doing this, it aims to weaken the frequency, seriousness and duration of an outbreak when it does occur when triggers such as too much stress or too many late nights strike. It does this by way of its key ingredient - liquorice root - which contains a potent anti-inflammatory extract called glycyrrhizin as well as flavonoids to reduce swelling, itchiness and any other uncomfortable side-effects that cold sores can cause.

The super-balm’s roster of calming cold sore-sapping ingredients were put through their paces in a trial conducted by the Herpes Virus Association too. Impressively, 73 per cent of participants said that they experienced a reduction in both the severity and length of their outbreaks. In addition, any outbreaks suffered were ½ their normal length without any extra side-effects.

Its benefits aren’t just confined to cold sores though. Thanks to its SPF of 30 and inclusion of conditioning shea butter, it’s also supremely nourishing too, to keep lips soft and smooth whether they’re tingling or tingle-free. It also comes in a handy bullet form for everyday use and a tube form for more hygienic application when blisters appear.

A great-all rounder that prevents, protects and hydrates, you won’t want to leave the house without it. It's taken up permanent residence in our handbags.

Base Lip Solve is £7.50 and is available to buy online here .