If you thought intimate products were all just Femfresh and KY Jelly, think again. New luxury brand Miss Vivien is breaking down skincare stereotypes one product at a time

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Intimate skincare - the choice of products currently available leaves much to the imagination. There seems to be a gaping hole in the market and new brand Miss Vivien , looks set to fill it with its range of high end beauty products designed to bridge the gap between traditional and erotic cosmetics.

Far from your run-of-the-mill tube of KY Jelly, the brand’s line-up seeks to provide a welcome degree of elegance and style to the emerging category, shifting the focus from the ins and outs of intercourse to prep and aftercare too. “I wanted to develop a range of luxury intimate products that makes women feel beautiful about themselves, products with incredible gentle and caring formulations that intensify pleasure and encourage women to ‘let go’ and enjoy their bodies,” says founder, Viviana Torres. “Most brands focus on the during, we want to embrace the whole sexual experience, starting with arousal.”

Designed by women for women and created to be used before, during and after sex, the products range from a gold-flecked massage gel to a thermal water-enriched intimate lubricant and restorative aftercare gel to cover prep and pleasure comprehensively.

What makes the products stand out?

Are the products beautifully packaged? Yes - they won’t look out of place on your dressing table alongside your serums, masks and moisturisers (the core collection even comes with drawstring travel pouches for added discretion). But what’s particularly intriguing about them is their bevy of skin-boosting ingredients. From diamond powder to restorative rosehip oil and marigold extract, it proves that products designed to enhance performance should also boast a list of high performance ingredients to match.

“Women think a lot about what they put on the skin of their face, but the skin in our intimate area is often overlooked - it is much more sensitive,” says Viviana. Gynaecologically and dermatologically tested, the products have been developed alongside skin experts to ensure optimum comfort and contain natural, plant-based extracts, are paraben-free, latex, condom and vegan-friendly  and are also cruelty-free too.

What should be in your 'intimacy regime?'

The products from the range can be used individually to suit different needs or as a step-by-step regime. The sexual equivalent of cleanse, tone and hydrate, each product in the core collection’s capable of earning a place in your personal intimacy regimen.

Another option that can be interchanged for an extra degree of personalisation includes an exfoliating Caress Cream for Buttocks , £56, for a derrière pick-me-up. With a gentle peeling action, it leaves posteriors smoother and softer. There’s also the very handy 2-in-1 Pre-Party Intimate Wipes , £35, which is a product first and can be used to both cleanse and lubricate.

1. Before

The Miss Vivien Massage Gel, £65

Containing diamond powder and gold particles for a stroke of skincare luxe, this silky-textured gel slips onto limbs to leave a luminous glow behind. A cookies and cream flavour is certain to appeal to those with a sweet tooth, while its inclusion of marigold oil extract feeds skin from within.

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2. During

The Miss Vivien Intimate Lubricant, from £19

Enriched with Salies-De-Bearn thermal water and minerals and equipped with a unique saline concentration that matches the pH of the human body, this water-based gel has an impressive list of sophisticated attributes more befitting a serum than a lubricant. Non-sticky and with seven gourmet flavours to choose from (Rich Chocolate, Tangy Mint and Wild Raspberry to name but a few), it keeps bedroom antics smooth and friction-free.

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3. After

The Miss Vivien After-Party Restorative Gel, £58

Designed to soften and smooth delicate areas, this fragrance-free restorative elixir provides a fitting finale to the regime. Infused with rosehip, marigold and organic aloe vera oils to calm and hydrate, it’s aftercare built to match your afterglow.

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Written in partnership with Miss Vivien.