It’s love at first spritz. Vilhelm Parfumerie is the new perfume brand set to make a serious impact and has been touted as Liberty’s most ‘eagerly anticipated fragrance launch of the year.’

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What makes a scent timeless? A difficult balance to achieve, we’d say it has be familiar yet distinct, with a heady dose of nostalgia thrown in for good measure too. Suffice to say, we’re a hard crowd to please.

So imagine our surprise when upon spraying a spritz of Vilhelm Parfumerie  Dear Polly Eau de Parfum, a collective ‘Ahhhhh’ emanated from GTG HQ.

The combination of bergamot, apple, Ceylon black tea, oakmoss, musk and black amber notes reminded each of us of a memory that we couldn’t quite put our finger on - the power of scent showcased to an emphatic degree.

An observation shared by founder, Jan Ahlgren, the brand is steeped in history, memories, biographical moments and his ancestry. “My middle name is Vilhelm. It links me with admiration and love to my paternal grandfather who was quite a guy - tall in a country of tall men, the walking definition of debonair,” he says.

“Witty, wise, impeccably dressed, with charisma that bubbled over into the air of any room he entered. I inherited his height, his love of jazz and laughter, a few vintage suits… and my memory of the custom-blend cologne he always wore gives me tremendous respect for the power of scent to communicate feeling, even through distance and time.”

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There are 6 scents within the launch collection with two additional fragrances launching in June 2015 - each art deco inspired bottle (designed by Pierre Dinand no less, the creator of the iconic YSL Opium bottle), has a charm distinctly its own. A launch which has been described by the Liberty Beauty Buying Team as, “Our exciting and eagerly anticipated fragrance launch of the year,” it’s easy to see why this is a classic in the making.

We can’t wait to start making some memories of our own with one of these beautiful perfumes at hand, to help bring us right back to those moments in many years to come.

Vilhelm Parfumerie is exclusively available at Liberty of London . 100ml, £145.

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