Complexion lost its glow? This nifty serum is all you need to infuse some warmth and moisture back into your skin…

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Whether it’s harsh wind slapping your face or severe heating stripping away moisture, your skin is probably at its driest, weakest and dullest. Thankfully, the clever folk at Shiseido have crafted this ingenious creation (born from 20 years of research, FYI) to solve any complexion SOS’s.

Working from the notion that our immune system affects our general health, the beauty experts set out - and succeeded - to establish a correlation between the skin’s condition and its own immune system. Combining a cocktail of ingredients, such as Bulgarian rosewater, B-glucan, gingko and wild thyme, the world’s first concentrate to target your skin’s immunity was created, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

A security guard for your skin, if you will, Ultimune works hard to strengthen the skin’s barrier function, stimulates cell’s defensive system and stimulates collagen production, all while slowing down the ageing process. Truly a world wonder.

Shiseido’s Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, £60, is available  here .

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