The day has finally come - Milk Makeup has launched a cream moisturiser, and it’s vegan

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While Milk Makeup  is best known for stick formulas, we’ve been calling out for a cream moisturiser to join the product lineup, and it seems the brand has been listening because Monday 16 December marks the launch of the Vegan Milk Moisturiser, £35.

Despite being a departure from the usual solid products, the brand’s first-ever cream moisturiser is still quintessentially Milk; it has that cool girl aesthetic we know and love, while still being highly functional. The packaging is everything we've come to expect from the brand that was born from a photo studio of the same name in LA - sleek, simplistic and a little bit edgy.

Don't be fooled by the fact that the cream is named after a dairy product, as with everything from the brand (and as you can probably tell from the name) this moituriser is 100 per cent vegan .

Designed for all skin types and promising to provide lasting hydration throughout the day, there's an impressive list of ingredients including 'Desert Milk' to hydrate the skin, fig milk and shea butter to refresh, soothe and soften the skin, oat milk to calm and comfort and argan milk to seal in moisture.

You might be wondering what Desert Milk is - us too! It's been coined by Milk especially for this product and is a super-hydrating combination of extracts from plants that thrive in arid environments, such as baobab, jojoba and aloe vera. While we certainly don't thrive in dry environments (office heating is making our skin parched), we have a feeling this cream will be a godsend in keeping our skin moisturised.

You only need a 10p sized amount to deliver your hydration hit - apply as the final step in your skincare cream both morning and night.

We'll be slathering this on our faces for the rest of winter, followed by the brand's Hydro-Grip Primer .

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