As levels of malignant melanoma are rapidly increasing worldwide, stats have also shown that enquiries to check moles are increasing too

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New stats carried out by private healthcare search engine  have revealed that the UK has seen enquiries for mole removal rise by 127% in the past 12 months - more than double that of neighbouring Ireland (53%).

These figures are in line with medical surveys that have cited malignant melanoma, often caused by sun damage, as the 9th most common cancer in Europe - with incidence rates increasing more rapidly than any of the other top cancers since the 1970s.

However, the UK is not alone with even ultra sunny countries seeing increases in enquiries for the procedure. Indeed India, which enjoys up to 2,685 hours of sunlight per year, has seen enquiries dramatically increase by 673% in the past 12 months - while the UAE clocks a whopping 3,609 hours each year, which would explain why mole removal treatments there have risen almost four-fold at 299%.

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Interestingly though, Ireland has some of the lowest numbers of sunlight hours but has still made the top ten list of countries that have seen the sharpest increases in mole removal enquiries over the past year.

“These days we’re all more conscious of sun damage, and people are a lot more pro-active when it comes to getting themselves checked out for melanoma,” says Emily Ross, Director of “Our global stats confirm that more people are researching the issue and also taking action, with enquiries worldwide up 197% in the past year.

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“For those who want to monitor their skin there are a number of options available, from a straightforward mole check-up, all the way up to full body mole mapping - which takes photos of your body and allows comparison over time to highlight changes. Although, often these services come at a cost, they can be very effective at ensuring early diagnosis and giving peace of mind.

“It’s not just the summer months that skin care and mole checking should be a priority, as changes to moles can occur at any time of the year. Mole checks should be regular and if there are any concerns, should be looked at by a professional immediately – especially if you have a family history of skin cancer."

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