And your mum will love it. Sure, it’s not got any bells and whistles from a packaging POV, but what’s within makes it one of most effective night creams around

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Short of making breakfast and keeping the teapot topped up, treating your mum, stepmum or any mum in your world on Mother’s Day can turn a bit cheesy if you’re not careful. Flowers are always a winner, but fluffy toys probably not so much and fashion can be dicey. A good, solid skincare option, however, is more likely to actually be used, especially if it’s a powerhouse that addresses multiple skin needs.

Enter Murad Youth Renewal Night Cream , £70 for 50ml. It’s been a firm (literally) team favourite since it launched last year, and here are just a few reasons why…

1. The packaging is just what the derm ordered

As mentioned, the packaging isn’t pink or covered in roses, but it’s got a lot more going on than looks. The pump top dispenser distributes just the right amount of cream so that you don’t overdo it on the retinol front (most of us tend to use more product than we actually need), the airtight jar helps your purchase to last longer and, most importantly, it keeps the active ingredients within the formula stable and the application process as hygienic as can be. Speaking of the formula…

2. It’s retinol to the power of three

Retinol  has been proven to be one of the most effective restorative ingredients around and you can reap its multiple benefits, from smoothing fine lines to improving surface texture and reducing pigmentation from your 20s onwards. Clearly it works best when it’s well formulated and stable, which is why this particular night cream is a good bet. It contains two types of retinol - a stronger retinol and a more gentle retinyl propionate, plus a retinol booster to enhance the effect of both vitamin A derivatives.  The result is a potent formula that makes skin more radiant and resilient on a number of levels. Retinol-induced dryness a concern? The next point will see to that.

3. It’s packed with heavyweight hydrators

And yet the texture is light and absorption rate speedy. Ceramides  and essential fatty acids keep the skin barrier  strong and healthy, which in turn ensures that the retinol aspect does its best work while skin looks and feels bouncy.

4. It helps to combat daily damage

Both in the sense that retinol boosts skin’s function and defenses over time but also thanks to a strong antioxidant profile to fight free-radical damage from pollution, UV light and other environmental aggressors. Marine algae derived  peptides  also help to soothe inflammation and make skin firmer and more ‘elastic’ over time. All in all, it’s nigh on a dream cream and likely to form the basis of any woman, man or mum’s nighttime skincare routine. What it lacks in prettiness it makes up for in practicality.

Murad Youth Renewal Night Cream, £70, buy it now

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