Have you ever wondered where the fashion elite get their modern, sparkly trinkets, thin gold stacking bangles, tiny diamond bands and rock 'n' roll finely bejewelled rings? The answer is probably Diane Kordas. A jewellery designer and style queen par excellence. Susannah Taylor was lucky enough to have a rummage not only in her jewellery collection but also her beauty stash…

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Diane Kordas sells the jewellery I want to wear, intricate but simple in their design  - a little swallow on a gold chain covered in tiny diamonds, simple sparkling stacking rings of different coloured stones and thin gold bracelets with circles of diamonds at the ends. Stocked at netaporter.com and much loved by the fash pack as well as celebrities (Madonna is a fan), it was a hobby that turned in to a serious business about 5 years ago.

Kordas believes we shouldn’t leave jewellery for special occasions. “Jewellery for me should be a daily part of our wardrobe – like a pair of sexy knickers, or cute bra. It isn’t about the big stone any more. It’s more about design and I want people to be able to wear my jewellery in the day as well as to a black tie do.”

Kordas is also one seriously stylish lady  - I was lucky enough to have a rummage in her handbag…

(Diane above wears 18kt rose gold and brown diamond Horn bangle, and 18kt black gold and white diamond Rectangle Mesh ring, coming soon to  Net-a-Porter )


Her make-up

I like looking natural and therefore love products that enhance that look like this Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess kit, £165 , but in the evening sometimes I’ll do a smokey eye or a vampy rock ‘n’ roll thing. It takes me back to going to school at Parsons school of design in NY when we used to go out and party. It also gives me attitude and confidence.

I’m also a big fan of Kevyn Aucoin make-up. I had a makeover done in Bergdorf Goodman by a Kevyn Aucoin make-up artist. I sat down and instantly loved the products and the colours and quality were simply amazing. I love the Celestial Bronzing Veil, in Tropical Days, £36  applied with the Large Powder Blush Brush, £52  because it’s neither a really bronzed shade nor too pink. It just gives a healthy glow. I also particularly love the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Tinted Balm, £38  which somehow lifts your skin and makes it brighter. People always comment when I wear it.

Her Accessories

I love these Celine Rainbow sunglasses, £299  I normally just wear Raybans, but I tried these on in a shop and then everyone in the store started talking about them and I just couldn’t resist buying them. They brighten my day.

This is my favourite handbag  - the Valentino Rockstud Leather Trapeze bag in Black, £1375   - it has such a simple, great shape but I also love the studs, I think because it reminds me of a piece of jewellery.

The great ‘One Stylish Bitch’ notepad was a 50th birthday gift from a friend and it’s by Melissa Odabash

Jewellery: Diane Kordas 18kt black gold and white diamond Open Shield ring, £4460 coming soon to netaporter.com  and 18kt rose gold and diamond Circle bangles, from £1200 Enquiries at dianekordasjewellery.com.


I had breast cancer about three years ago and for me skincare is all about being paraben free and as clean as I possible.


I love Alexandra Soveral’s face products – everything is sourced from the highest quality natural ingredients and Alexandra apparently hand blends each one. The products come with instructions on how to apply and massage the creams and oils in using Alexandra’s amazing massage technique. I do the whole regime and I swear it makes a huge difference.

My favourites are the Alexandra Soveral Formula 2 Super Efficient Moisturiser, £82.50, the

Alexandra Soveral Hydrating Rose and Neroli Hydrating Facial Toner, £22 and the Alexandra Soveral Midnight Oil, £39.50

Switching off

If I have a day that I think is never going to end and I’m shattered but wired at the same time and my brain won’t stop going then I spray my pillow with This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, £16  which literally smells like a dream.

For the bath

For the bath I absolutely adore Aromatherapy Associates products like the Deep Relax and Inner Strength Bath & Shower oils, £39 . These products are quite frankly phenomenal. I have a friend I gave some Deep Relax to and she was really late in meeting up with me as she said she couldn’t get out of the bath!

Jewellery:18kt rose gold Heartbeat necklace, from £680 coming soon to Net-a-Porter.com

Titanium cuff with 18kt rose gold and white diamond inlay, £8905 enquiries at dianekordasjewellery.com


I get my hair highlighted at John Frieda and I also use John Frieda products, but just their shampoo and conditioner  - I don’t really like using loads of styling products as I feel they leave a build up on my hair.



I love Maison Martin Margiela, £50  which is unisex scent that’s very clean and fresh smelling. I love it because it’s not overpowering.

My favourite candles are Diptyque Mimosa candle, £40  I was first given this by my assistant and it smells simply amazing.


Diane wears 18kt black gold and brown diamond Open Swirl earrings, £7965 and 18kt black gold and white diamond Large Arabesque ring, coming soon to  Net-a-porter.com


I really like to keep fit and I actually go to the gym about 4-5 times a week – sometimes I think ‘I’m here again!’ but it makes me feel great and I know it’s good for me.

I spin a lot which is great for my bones.  After I had cancer I was having a check up with a young nurse and she was looking at my bone density results. I was worried what she was going to say as she took so long reading them, but then she said ‘Your bones are like an 18 year old, do you do cardiovascular work?!.”

I also do Barrecore  regularly which is a barre based class with light weights and muscle work. I believe it really makes me strong and it elongates the body. The great thing about the class is that the teacher positions you so that your whole body is working at the same time. It’s really tough!


I take Bee Prepared Daily Defence Immune Support, £7.99  every day as it’s full of antioxidants which are obviously great for me post cancer.

I also take fish oils and vitamin D which is vital for cancer sufferers.


I've used a great company recently called Yeotown.co.uk  who originate from Devon but also team up with the Bulgari Hotel in London. It’s a detox, exercise and wellbeing regime you can do in the city and I’d love to do it monthly.


I go for facials at Alexandra Soveral  – there is something incredibly unique about her. When I go for one of her massages I literally don’t book anything for that evening afterwards as I know I will be wiped out.  She works some kind of magic! She believes that by separating the muscles it reduces the amount of botox that you need.

Diane Kordas’s jewellery is available at  netaporter.com