Aimed at young adults, the 9 products in the new My Clarins range work just as well if you’ve got oily skin and the brand is breaking new ground in the eco and cruelty-free stakes too…

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Skincare aimed at teens and young adults all too often veers towards the kitsch and cutesy, vying for Instagram appeal and viral “success” over efficiency or consistency (this is definitely not always the case, but glittery sheet masks have a lot to answer for). This week’s new My Clarins  launch, however, takes into account what’s really important to young people in both the skincare and ethical stakes, namely a consistent routine that shows results, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly formulations and natural, plant-based actives where possible. Here’s what it’s bringing to the young adult skincare counter and why it’s definitely not just for teens…

It’s vegan and cruelty-free

I’m beginning with this point because this is a first for the long-established skincare house - the My Clarins range is vegan friendly and the brand isn’t retailing the line in any areas of the world that permits testing on animals, meaning that huge markets such as China and South America aren’t getting a look in. For a company of this size and impact, it’s a refreshingly forward-looking move. As well as being as being free of animal products, the range is also based on ingredient  of 88 per cent natural origin, harnessing as much plant power as possible.

It’s eco conscious

The slightly Drunk Elephant -esque packaging is made from recycled material sourced from a sustainably managed forest .

It’s brilliant for oily, urban skin

The target demographic is 18-25, but if you’ve got oily skin , the light, predominantly gel based textures will provide optimal hydration and the anti-pollution complex present across the range is good news if you live in a built-up environment and are bombarded by free-radicals from cars, smog and smoke on the daily.

It’s gentle but does the job

When establishing a skincare routine as a young adult, common issues such as  hormonal acne  or oiliness often present challenges and it can be tempting to go a little too gung-ho with aggressive treatments in an attempt to clear up problems fast. Often what’s needed initially (along with professional advice in some cases) is a simple, gentle routine that takes care of the basics such as cleansing and hydration effectively without throwing the skin out of balance or compromising the skin barrier. My Clarins does this well - the nine products don’t promise the earth (which is definitely a positive) but do take care of business as far as the fundamentals of thorough cleansing, moisturising and clarifying go, with the notable glaring exception of an SPF at this stage, but here’s hoping that’s to come. In the meantime, here’s your lot:

Re-Move Micellar Cleansing Milk, £17 for 200ml

A creamy micellar water that attracts dirt and makeup and makes the ideal first step in an evening double cleanse .

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Re-Move Purifying Cleansing Gel, £17 for 125ml

A gel-foam hybrid, this cleanser dissolves any traces of pollutants  and grime with a formula that apparently helps to negate the drying effects of hard water .

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Re-Boost Refreshing Hydrating Cream, £22 for 50ml

An antioxidant rich gel-cream moisturiser with coconut water and tamarind pulp acids to gently refine skin texture.

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Reboost Comforting Hydration Cream, £22 for 50ml

A more intensive hydrator for drier skin, you’ve got the same base as the refreshing hydrating cream with added shea butter for nourishment.

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Reboost Mattifying Hydrating Cream, £22 for 50ml

One to consider if a shiny t-zone is your bugbear - this formula is cooling, gel based and claims to keep skin optimally hydrated for at least eight hours.

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Re-Charge Relaxing Sleep Mask, £24 for 50ml

A light textured night overnight treatment with antioxidant huang qi extract to address free-radical damage and acerola seed extract to brighten. Ideal if you find conventional night creams  too heavy.

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Clear-Out Targets Imperfections, £15 for 15ml

A clear gel that spot targets blemishes, with meadowsweet extract to calm inflammation and soothing purslane extract. It won’t clarify pores like other spot treatments  but it will help to take the edge off of irritation.

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Re-Fresh Hydrating Beauty Mist, £17 for 100ml

An ‘anytime’ face mist that cools, hydrates and helps to set makeup, this is also handy for adding an extra layer of hydration after cleansing and before moisturising.

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Pore-Less Blur and Matte Stick, £15 for 3.2g

Essentially a targeted primer , this minimises the appearance of pores on contact and creates a long-lasting matte base for makeup.

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