Take a leaf out of Olay's book and tell your mum she is beautiful this Mother's Day

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When you haven’t slept for years because of your young children, have been up changing wee-sodden beds at 3 am before heading off for work, are putting on your sixth pile of washing that day or have worked a 12 hour day and then spend your evening nursing a sick child, one of the most unexpected, but incredible things to be told is that you’re beautiful.

Children do tend to see us with particularly rose tinted spectacles - they don’t care about the rolls around our middle, the creases around our eyes (until they get old enough to start pointing them out and thinking they are hilarious course) or the fact we haven’t washed our hair for a week.  They haven’t yet learnt that hairy legs aren’t that pleasant, or that we don’t want cellulite -  they just love us, like we do them, warts, stretch marks, spots and all.

This Mother’s Day, in celebration of beautiful mothers everywhere, Olay have launched a #MyBeautifulMum campaign and have asked women across the UK to share a picture of their mums on social media and to say a few words about what makes them beautiful.

As for my mum, she is sensational – she has the softest cheeks known to man, and barely a line on her 65 year old face. She has a crooked tooth where she got hit in the mouth by a cricket ball when she was little, but that makes her particularly special. She’s super stylish and in the sixties had an amazing five point Vidal Sasson haircut (see pics here). I have her to blame for my beauty addiction -  the sparkle of powder on her soft cheeks, and the smell of her Lancome lipsticks are two things I particularly remember from when I was little. She has also always smelt amazing. When I was small I would stay awake after she got home from her singing classes on a tuesday night just so I could smell her Paloma Picasso as she kissed me goodnight. (My daughter is the same – when I left for work the other morning my husband said she was hugging my pyjamas on the back of the bathroom door). But really, my mother’s beauty lies not in her external beauty (although she is obviously knockout) but in her kindness, warmth and gentleness. I’m not sure she has ever been mean to anyone in her entire life, and if she has then I have seen her apologise afterwards.

As for my kids, when my husband asked them what made me beautiful, Bella said “She is a really kind person, she has pretty hair styles too” whilst Oscar said “Mummy wears lovely necklaces, her smile is beautiful and she loves us.”

If you don’t tell your mum you love her this mothers day, tell her she is beautiful #mybeautifulmum and share a pic. Mum's are the best.

(This is my daughter Bella and I a month ago on holiday)