It's organic, it's fragrance-free and it's one of the most gentle formulas we've ever tried. Judy Johnson reveals why the three new products were worth the wait

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Chances are your idea of Neal’s Yard Remedies is of soothing scents and powerful aromatherapy - perhaps you’re a fan of the wild rose range or smother yourself regularly in the frankincense collection. But while my nose may love the organic brand, my skin isn’t always so compatible. With super sensitive skin  that can’t tolerate fragrance or strong essential oils, I’ve always been somewhat limited in what I can use despite being a fan of the brand’s products and ethos - which is why I was delighted when I heard a sensitive skin range was on the way.

New to the shop shelves just last week is the Sensitive collection, a trio of products designed to gently comfort and restore even the most fragile skin. The range harnesses the skin-soothing powers of oat extract to bring relief to reactive skin, and all three products are free from alcohol and fragrance - and of course, are certified organic.

If soft, light textures and smooth, hydrating formulas are high on your wishlist, here’s why the new collection will make you see the brand in a whole new light…

Sensitive Comfort + Hydrate Micellar Cleanser, £28 for 200ml

While I don’t believe in no-rinse formulas (I always use a micellar as a makeup remover rather than a full cleanse), if you prefer a one-step approach this is the one to beat. It feels a little greasier than my usual micellar, but not in an unpleasant way - its silky soft texture really conditions the skin so that even though you’re removing every trace of makeup, it doesn’t feel like anything is stripped away.

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Sensitive Restore & Smooth Serum, £55 for 30ml

The lightest serum you’ll ever use, this almost feels like water - though perhaps that’s down to the helichrysum and sea water extract in the oil-free formula. With hyaluronic acid and oat extract to plump and soothe, it’s designed to hydrate as well as to reduce redness. After just a few weeks of use my skin already feels softer, and it’s so light that it works well under makeup and swiftly fit into my existing skincare routine.

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Sensitive Replenish & Balance Moisturiser, £45 for 50ml

With another light-as-air texture, I wasn’t sure the moisturiser would suit my dry skin, but in fact it feels more comforting than some of my richest creams. The collection was specifically formulated with the mission of allowing skin to ‘breathe’ rather than to seal the barrier in the way many occlusive dry skin products do; it’s all very well adding protection, but with that thick layer can come a feeling of being hot and closed in. This quick-absorbing cream does just the opposite, with vitamin E-rich oat oil to lock in moisture while keeping everything in balance.

If there were such a thing as no-skincare skincare in the way that we talk of no-makeup makeup, this would be it; the products are beautifully minimalist, yet just as efficacious as you’d expect from the well-loved brand. It’s exactly how sensitive skincare should be.

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