If you loved the range’s cult Q10 Night Cream, you’ll love this

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As well as finding shoppers making a mad dash to Lidl’s wine section (they do a fine Rioja), you’ll also find them stuffing their baskets with their latest skincare too. Cien, its budget beauty  range, is a bestseller, and its new Q10 Intensive Serum is likely to fuel this further.

Joining the brand’s highly successful Q10 Night Cream and Q10 Day Cream, the £2.99 serum launches just in time for winter and has been developed to provide an extra layer of defense against the dehydrating effects of the cold weather.

It does this through the inclusion of some noteworthy ingredients, namely coenzyme Q10 (you’ll read this as ‘ubiquinone’ on its label), which has risen to prominence thanks to Nivea’s range of the same name. Found naturally in cells’ mitochondria (their energy epicenters), incorporating the active into your regime can boost their supplies, as well as help neutralise free radicals and reduce UV damage too.

Another interesting inclusion is  hyaluronic acid  (HA). This is featured in the form of sodium hyaluronate, i.e. HA converted into a salt, which is cheaper to produce than hyaluronic acid, and considered by some to be more effective due to its better compatibility and absorption potential. However, it should be noted that when it comes to a hyaluronic acid serum, it’s best to look for one that features a range of different types and sizes in our experience for optimal hydration (such as straight hyaluronic acid and hydrolysed hyaluronic acid). Generally speaking, ones of lower molecular weight will penetrate the deeper levels of the skin leading to longer-term hydration, while those of high molecular weight sit on the top to prevent moisture loss.

Rounding up the serum’s range of glow-boosting ingredients is almond oil (‘amygdalus dulcis oil’). A source of vitamin E, it also helps protect skin from environmental wear and tear too.

Texture-wise, it slips on silkily and absorbs quickly, meaning it layers well with both the rest of your skincare and your makeup too and can be used day or night to complement the rest of your Cien Q10 ritual. With the night cream flying off shelves after being featured on Lorraine, this souped-up version is likely to follow suit.

Lidl’s Q10 Intensive Serum, £2.99, is available to buy in stores now.

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