No7's new range promises to keep skin looking younger for longer, while also protecting against everyday damage - and we can't wait to give it a try

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When it comes to anti-ageing skincare it can be a little confusing to know when and where to begin. Should we start young to ward off premature lines and wrinkles. Or do we keep it simple and only take action once the signs of ageing start to kick in? Ideally, the solution would lie somewhere in the middle.

The dilemma however, is that finding a product that can manage both the problems of youthful skin and take preventative measures against ageing has been no mean feat - until now that was. Indeed, let us introduce you to the new No7 Early Defence Skincare range that might just revolutionise all your anti-ageing complexion concerns.

Specifically targeting the needs of 20-35 year old women this range consists of a day, night and eye cream all of which use No7’s new groundbreaking technology, ‘Double Defence’, which in combination with their unbeatable 5* UVA technology gives skin the advanced protection it needs. As a result, it’s been heralded as a ‘stepping stone’ to help the transition of everyday skincare into products that also proactively delay the signs of ageing - or as we like to call it, an absolute skincare saviour.

“Protecting your skin from the sun and environmental stress is really important, particularly if you want to proactively delay the signs of ageing,” says Skincare Scientific Advisor for Boots UK, Dr Mike Bell. “With Double Defence technology we have created a powerful and broad-spectrum antioxidant complex which has been designed to neutralise damaging free radicals that cause the skin oxidative stress, helping you to keep your skin looking younger for longer.”

So, what exactly is it in the Double Defence technology that makes it so spectacularly successful? Firstly, ginseng and mulberry, which are rich in polyphenols, work to protect the skin against superoxides when exposed to sunlight or pollution, while Lipochroman and Vitamin E act as a barrier against incredibly damaging free radicals produced by UVA exposure. In addition, Rice Peptides and Alfalfa, which are effective inhibitors of age-accelerating enzymes (MMPs), help remodel and repair the skin after damage has already occurred.The result? A powerful blend of ingredients that work to keep your skin looking fresher and feeling younger for longer. Ta dah..

The No7 Early Defence Skincare Range starts at £13.50, and can be purchased exclusively from  Boots .