Meet the latest addition to the brand’s in-demand anti-ageing dynasty: No7 Restore & Renew Face & Neck Multi-action Serum. Is it for you? Here’s what you need to know

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Ever since No7’s Protect & Perfect Serum made headlines in 2007 for its proven prowess in improving the appearance of wrinkles, the high street giant has garnered a reputation for being one of the best anti-ageing brands out there. Particularly if you’re on a budget . With a family of serums each formulated with a specific concern and life stage in mind, its latest launch looks set to extend its tech from face to neck - a notoriously tricky area to tackle in our experience.

Its name? No7 Restore & Renew Face & Neck Multi-action Serum, (quite the mouthful to say in the GTG office!), a serum a decade in the making designed to cover greater benefits, and surface area, than its predecessors. Is it for you? Here’s are the facts you need to know about the No7 newbie in order to help you decide.

Who’s it for?

Those whose key concerns are crepiness and age-related loss of neck firmness and texture. As skin ages, it becomes drier, thinner and weaker due to various structural changes and so with this in mind, expect added extras in its formula to help boost epidermal strength.

What are its key ingredients?

  • Calcium amino acids and ceramides - the key duo that gives the serum a unique point of difference;
  • Matrixyl 3000+ (the brand’s hero peptide blend) and vitamin A to address wrinkles and skin texture;
  • Hibiscus seed extract and hyaluronic acid to firm and encourage collagen production.
  • A lightening complex of sophora, embilica (Indian gooseberry), vitamin C and gluconolactone to address melanocyte damage and pigmentation that’s particularly prevalent in post-menopausal skin.

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Why are calcium and ceramides particularly important? It’s all to do with the decreasing of oestrogen levels as we age explains Dr Mike Bell, Skincare Scientific Advisor for Boots UK, No7: “Oestrogen helps collagen production and helps skin cells maintain their youthful vitality,” he comments. “As oestrogen levels fall, the corresponding decline in collagen exacerbates loss of firmness in skin on the face and the neck. Calcium levels in the surface layers of the skin are also affected, leading to a reduction in skin’s natural turnover and renewal process. Skin is drier and more fragile and a micro-texture or crepiness develops, which is especially noticeable on the neck.”

As explained by Dr Bell at the launch, the calcium gradient in young skin provides for more of it at the top of the epidermis. As we age, this gradient shifts. The serum therefore looks to counteract this by regulating its distribution, while the inclusion of ceramides helps to strengthen the skin barrier and essentially help older cells behave like younger ones.

What are our impressions so far?

Seven days in and our Editor Victoria Woodhall’s first impressions are favourable. “After a week of twice-daily use, my skin looks good - smooth and clear - but not yet vastly different, (the thing about being this age is that you start wearing reading glasses, with the upshot that you don’t really notice your fine lines - whether they have come or gone - until they become slightly deeper)." Crepiness isn't her main concern, but rather tone. "Being in my perimenopausal years, this new serum is definitely aimed at me due to the link between declining oestrogen levels and loss of firmness. Thanks to many years of regular yoga (or genes), I don’t have a crepey neck, but like the idea that this serum encourages you to look after this tell-tale ageing area. The cream sank in quickly, was quite moisturising and only mildly scented. The ingredients list is impressive and targeted - I’m looking forward to seeing what it can do after a month of use.”

With 83 per cent of the 1000 women who tested the serum through its development stating that it was the best best serum they had ever used on their neck, and 85 per cent stating that they saw better anti-ageing results when adding the serum to their current routine, results sound promising.

No7 Restore & Renew Face & Neck Multi Action Serum will be available in 30ml, £28 and 50ml, £36 sizes from the 12th of April from  and Boots stores.

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