Kinvara Balfour picks up the hot new pick-me-ups for professional athletes (and busy people)...

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Water is good for you but, wow, it’s dull. Coconut water isn’t much better. Vitamin Water isn’t that full of vitamins. I can’t hit the Coca-Cola too hard or I get hyperactive. And Red Bull gives me an actual heart attack. So what’s a girl to do when she needs a little pick-me-up?

There are some superior hydrating, add-to-libation powders and potions on the market which give one an extra boost, on all fronts – we’re talking energy, skin, hair, nails: the lot. The majority is aimed at athletes and sporty types - which obviously means most of the human population in this madly hectic world - and they’re fizzing with goodness.

Add a Nuun tablet - available in USA  and UK  to a glass of water and you’ll get a boost of electrolytes and an optimal salt balance in the blood to maximise hydration and increase energy (especially on a hangover). The brilliant Revive Active , meanwhile, comes in a small sachet and promises to do big things, like improve heart health, skin elasticity, immune support and mental focus.

Energy Bubbles by David Kirsch Wellness Co., available in USA  and now in UK at Space NK , contain chromium to reduce body fat and build muscle, plus yerba mate, taurine, ginseng, potassium and B vitamins. In the recent fashion weeks just gone, these powders were passed around the fashion crowd like nobody’s business. I’m more fond of the taurine-free Vitamin Mineral Powder  (on this rollercoaster they call life, my heart beats fast enough) and the Muscle Restore  for the morning after the night before, the night after the morning before, and whenever you need a general boost.

As for the new beauty potions out there? I’m hooked. In addition to my daily dose of Fulphyl , I’m currently into Skinade , a genius, just-launched vitamin-packed liquid which you knock back daily in the name of good skin and better health. Daily doses come in ready-to-go bottles which are filled with a fruity water containing hydrolysed marine collagen, vitamin C, MSM, B vitamins, omegas 3 and 6, and L-lysine. It tastes good and is preferable to swallowing a clutch of vitamins in tablet form. Along with La Prairie Night Cream (my lifelong obsession), my skin looks better for it.

And then there’s Fountain The Beauty Molecule , £24.99, a liquid food supplement which contains Resveratrol and other goodness (black carrot, Japanese knotweed etc), or Fountain's newer Hyaluronic Molecule , £27.99, a liquid dose of hyaluronic acid AKA your skin's best friend. Consider it a healthy kind of daily injection for the complexion.

Energy upgrade, immune support, improved concentration and glowing skin?

This lot’s worth picking up.

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