Love your beauty products dearly but wish they were more effective, had better packaging or were more affordable? THE HERO PROJECT® is disrupting the market to bring about just that, and more…

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A ‘perfect’ beauty product is a rare thing indeed, but what if you had a hand in bringing your best loved lotions and potions as close to a paradigm of beauty excellence as possible? That’s just one of the aims of collaborative British beauty brand THE HERO PROJECT , whose award-winning team of scientists and retail experts are on a mission to invent and produce beauty products to the exacting standard of consumers, in order to put an end to underperforming ‘miracle workers’ and endless product clutter accumulated on the search for the beauty holy grail.

If that sounds like a mammoth task, you’re not wrong, but THE HERO PROJECT’s clever concept makes designing game changing products achievable, thanks to the fact that they’re thinking outside the box, and seeking insight about what women love, and really don’t, about their current beauty arsenal. From combing through customer product reviews to find patterns in exactly what beauty consumers appreciate to recruiting women from all over the UK to inform product and packaging development (you’ll be credited and receive your wonder product for free of course), The Hero Project takes getting things just right very seriously. Cases in point are the brightening, dry touch Glow Drops® , £24, which features innovative packaging design so that not a smidge of product is wasted, and the pore blurring, glycerin rich (read: plumping), fragrance-free Double Blur® , £24, which can be applied alone over problem areas or mixed with moisturiser or makeup to create a perfected yet nourished complexion.

In fact, THE HERO PROJECT will debut an exciting haul of meticulously crafted products in 2017, but it’s today’s launch from the brand that epitomises why the team deserves to be in the beauty spotlight. Undo™ , £16, taps into our modern concern with thorough cleansing (cleansers and makeup removers have made up 10% of all skincare sales in the UK in the past year according to the NPD group), and revamps the traditional makeup remover for the time poor but skincare focused consumer. A fragrance-free, bi-phase and micellar blend formula, Undo™ removes the most long-wearing of makeup from lips and eyes in a tap of a dispensing pump, with no mess, spillage or product overflow (plus, you can use the bottle one handed, which is surely multitasking at its best). Hyaluronic acid, panthenol and glycerin hydrate and condition lashes, while the addition of chamomile and cornflower extracts soothes tired, puffy lids. View Undo™ as a cleanser and treatment in one, and you’re most of the way there, not to mention that it suits the sensitive skinned and contact lens wearers among us down to the ground.

Just how do THE HERO PROJECT arrive at such all-rounder beauty concepts? There’s wisdom from women of all ages infusing each formula of course, but the astute and flexible HERO scientists located in the brand’s small British lab (shared with dermatologist favourite skincare brand Medik8) turn new ideas around to precise specifications at speed, meaning that the brand doesn’t miss a beat, whether it’s incorporating a fresh to the market new ingredient or experimenting with state-of-the-art textures. In short, this lot are genies, but you’ve got way more than three wishes at your disposal. Drop them a line and see where your lightbulb moment takes you…

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