When natural plant oils are in the hands of Arabella Preston, you know some magic is occurring...

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Head to toe, soft summer skin with a healthy glow is officially here (in a bottle). We often wonder if Arabella Preston , royal-approved makeup artist and co-founder at Votary, has a psychic knowledge of all our skin concerns or whether she is simply a genius - and on this launch it's a combination of both. Today, Votary have launched two Votary Body Oils, expertly blended to leave dry skin revitalised, glowing and radiant, while ensuring our senses are well and truly focused on summer.

First up we have the  Hydrating Body Oil,  £65, and with an aromatic blend of bergamot, mandarin and petigratin this is, quite frankly, summer bottled. The unique blend of natural plant oils work to seriously hydrate and nourish dry limbs - it's velvety rich, replenishing and smoothing any rough areas, but quickly absorbs without residue due to its light texture. The mix of rosehip and sea buckthorn oils are what work to restore the skin's glow, leaving skin illuminated - dull and parched pins really will be a thing of last year.

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If you're in need of something that works a little deeper, Votary also today launch the Body Treatment Oil , £55, which with macadamia oil (known as one of the most hydrating and nourishing plant oils around) is a saviour for needy skin; it contains natural salicylic acid too, to help renew dull complexions. Arabella claims this to be her 'body SOS oil', which works away at any unsightly dry and rough patches - elbows and knees, anyone? -  to leave you nothing but glossy. We recommend taking Arabella's advice and using it overnight so you wake up to visibly healthier skin.

If there was ever a powerhouse duo you needed in your body care, this is most definitely it. We won't be seen this summer without it...

Available at both  Votary  and  Liberty