Is this the sun cream holy grail? With mineral filters, antioxidants and a chic, matte finish, Clean Screen is the future of SPF

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We know we’re meant to wear it - and no beauty editor worth their salt would skip it - but we get it; finding an SPF to wear day in, day out that feels good, looks good and does good is still one of skincare’s biggest challenges. Even with the advancements in formulation we’ve seen over recent years, the wrong sunscreen can leave you looking washed out, cause breakouts or irritation, leave a greasy residue, exacerbate oiliness and cause our carefully applied makeup to slide straight off… need we go on? Ironic, really, that the key product protecting you from premature ageing and an unhealthy tan can actually make you look worse - it’s hardly going to encourage sun worshippers to play it safe.

However, change is afoot; newer sunscreen formulas are more sophisticated than ever and are starting to feel more like a skincare step that we’d never want to miss, rather than one we’re obligated to include - and no truer has this been than in the case of REN Clean Skincare’s latest launch, the Clean Screen Mineral SPF30 . It ticks every box on the skincare and suncare wishlist; here’s why it could be the reason you’ll never skip sunscreen again…

The formula

Those with sensitive skin  will be pleased to hear that there are not only no chemical filters , but no synthetic fragrances either (as is standard across REN Clean Skincare’s skincare range). What’s more, the mineral zinc oxide filter is non-nano - nanoparticles, while allowing for a finer finish, have been much debated as to whether they’re healthy - and it offers broad spectrum protection against UVA, UVB and blue light. It’s also vegan, and silicone free, so it won’t simply sit on the skin while the addition of passion fruit seed extract supports your skin’s own antioxidant defence against free radicals for an all-round sun-proof, pollution-proof shield.

The finish

Despite the physical filter and lack of nanotechnology, the end result is not the chalky residue that you’d expect from such an INCI list; there’s no white cast left behind and it sinks into the skin easily. The gamechanger, though, is the inclusion of rice starch - a translucent powder (again, you won’t end up paler than you started) which controls shine, with pore-perfecting powers and the ability to absorb oils so that there’s no hint of a greasy finish. Oily skins will love it, but even the driest of complexions will benefit from its mattifying effects as the final step before makeup, thanks to the silky soft effect of the rice starch - it really is a suits-all solution.

The eco credentials

REN Clean Skincare has already been making waves in the fight against plastics with its Clean to Planet plan  and a pledge of zero waste by 2021, and this new launch is no exception. The tube itself is made from 50% post-consumer recycled plastic, while the cap is 100% recycled, and their choice of a purely mineral sunscreen filter is no coincidence. In 2018 it was reported that Hawaii were implementing a ban on two chemical filters (oxybenzone and octinoxate) which had been found by researchers to be harmful to coral reefs - and while it’s not a law that’s reached our shores yet, it’s clear that the beauty industry is taking note. ‘Clean’ beauty is already on the rise, both in demand and in production, and so we expect to see many more mineral-only SPFs hitting the shelves this summer and beyond - with REN Clean Skincare leading the way in showing exactly how it can be done without compromising on quality.

REN Clean Skincare Clean Screen Mineral SPF30 is £30 and  available here

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