Fans of budget skincare are going to love 'Boots Ingredients', the new affordable range of skin solutions

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Boots is really pulling it out of the bag recently; not only has the high street hero announced it’ll be stocking Huda Beauty from 28 January, it’s also just launched an ingredient-led budget skincare range set to rival The Ordinary  and The Inkey List .

Boots Ingredients  comprises eight products, with none costing more than £7.50. The collection of minimalist products includes a  Hyaluronic Acid Serum , £5, a Caffeine Eye Cream , £5.50 and a Vitamin C Serum , £7.

Last week saw the launch of Q+A , another back-to-basics ingredient-led skincare brand, so it’s definitely not a market that’s slowing down. So what sets Boots Ingredients apart? Like Inkey and The Ordinary, which are also stocked in Boots, these products are housed in no-nonsense packaging to keep costs down and the pack sizes are small (generally 15-30 mls). But it's able to keep prices even cheaper than its counterparts by being both manufactured and retailed in Boots, so there's not extra retailer's cut to factor in and the saving can be passed on to the consumer.

What you do get with Inkey (incidentally founded by two ex-Boots staffers) however, are added supporting actives. The Inkey List's same-size  £8.99 Caffeine Serum , for example also contains the anti-ageing peptide Matrixyl 3000, which may sway some consumers, but might not be worth the extra spend for a younger demographic.

Unlike Inkey and The Ordinary, Boots don't list the concentrations of actives in this range, so it's unclear what percentage of vitamin C, for example, you are getting. As consumers become ever more ingredient-savvy this becomes increasingly important.

That aside, with this range Boots have made ingredient-led skincare even more democratic opening it up to a new consumer price point. Here’s what to expect from the Boots Ingredients offerings.

Boots Ingredients Bakuchiol Serum, £7 for 30ml

With bakuchiol , a plant-based alternative to retinol, this serum helps skin look rejuvenated, radiant and healthy while helping it feel smoother.

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Boots Ingredients Hyaluronic Acid Serum, £5 for 30ml

With plant-derived hyaluronic acid , this nourishing serum helps to intensively hydrate the skin leaving it looking brighter and feeling moisturised.

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Boots Ingredients Glycolic Acid Toner, £5 for 100ml

This glycolic acid toner promotes a clear and even skin tone, which helps skin look renewed, brighter and radiant.

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Hyaluronic Acid Moisturiser, £6 for 30ml

Similarly to the serum, this moisturiser contains hyaluronic acid to leave skin feeling intensely hydrated and smooth.

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Hemp Seed Oil, £6 for 30ml

Hemp seed  is rich in fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid. This oil promotes healthy-looking skin that feels softer, soothed and calmed.

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Salicylic Acid Serum, £7.50 for 30ml

With BHA salicylic acid, this serum leaves skin looking visibly less oily without feeling dry.

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Caffeine Eye Cream, £5.50 for 15ml

With antioxidant caffeine , this cream is perfect for use around the eyes, leaving the delicate skin refreshed, moisturised and smooth.

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Vitamin C Serum, £7 for 30ml

Multi-functional vitamin C  is a well-known anti-oxidant. This serum helps skin look refreshed, brighter and smoother and protects against free radicals.

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