Scarlett Edwards-Jones is a Crème de la Mer super fan, but what did she think of the new serum?

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I have been using Crème de la Mer for several years now, and am living proof of their quote: ‘Coveted by those in the know’ - I wouldn’t be without it. It makes my older, dry skin feel thicker and plumper, and fine lines are definitely less noticeable.

I started using the thicker original crème, but recently have been trying the newer version of the moisturising crème. This is lighter and easier to use, absorbed very quickly and not at all greasy. A great improvement on the original and one I can’t do without in my daily routine.

I was therefore very excited to be offered their new Lifting Contour Serum to test before it becomes available here in February (RRP £230). The brand describes this as a high-performance sculpting serum for face and neck, promising to make your skin tighter from the first touch and to help define and re-shape facial contours, significantly transforming skin’s appearance. What’s not to like about that?

In fact, it keeps its promise. The moment you put the delicate pink serum on your face you can feel the difference. After a couple of days, fine lines on my cheeks were even less noticeable. I did feel a slight tightness as expected, but I became used to it pretty quickly; I felt my skin glowing and looking much fresher all round, somehow revitalised and generally healthier. Now, after a couple of weeks’ use, I wouldn’t dream of not using it morning and night. It is expensive, but for me, it really works.