Taking the trends for juicing and DIY facials to the next level, Lidl’s latest launch could be a game-changer when it comes to the world of at-home tech

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The world of supermarket beauty  has come leaps and bounds over the years - there are some hidden treasures to be found lining shelves these days.

Lidl in particular has released some interesting launches of late - from its day and night moisturisers to its budget serums , the discount chain offers some great skincare savings. Its most recent addition could be a game-changer though - the Silvercrest Face Mask Maker, £34.99, a DIY facial machine and the first of its kind to hit the UK high street.

What does it do?

Taking the juicing trend  to the next level, it allows you to create your own custom-made hydrogel face masks from the comfort of your own home using collagen tablets and ingredients such as fruit juice, milk and yoghurt.

Think of it as a Vitamix, but instead of smoothies, it makes masks. Clever (and convenient) stuff.

Who’s it for?

Those who love a sheet mask or a Sunday #spaathome facial  will particularly love having this in their kitchen.

It’s likely to also appeal to those who like to keep their regime relatively natural and stripped back ingredients-wise - all you need to pop in is water, your ‘active’ of choice (its recommendations include apple juice, red wine, pear juice, milk, tomato juice and olive oil for a moisturising mask; buttermilk, orange juice, strawberry juice or carrot juice for an ‘anti-wrinkle’ effect) and a collagen tablet.

What’s it like to use?

It’s easy to set up and the instructions in its accompanying booklet are clear and well explained.

A 5-piece kit, it comprises of a mixer, 24 collagen tablets, a measuring cup, a mask mould and a cleaning brush. Simply plug the mixer in, place the mould in front of it, add water, your ‘active’ ingredient (I chose apple juice) and a collagen tablet and switch it on.

It takes 6 minutes to mix, after which the mask is poured automatically into the mask mould. For a warm face mask, just wait for five minutes for it to set. For a cooling refreshing face mask, just pop it into the fridge to chill. I opted for the former as it was a chilly evening.

The verdict?

If you have a bit of a sheet mask habit, it could make for a more economical option than continually topping up your supplies. All you need is your juice or vino of choice and away you go. It was easy to take out of the mould and while the eye and lip holes weren’t exactly the best of fits, it was surprisingly sturdy and didn’t tear.

However, while its stripped back ingredients list is likely to appeal to those who prefer a more minimalist approach towards their skincare, those who prefer more sophisticated formulations may feel a little short-changed. I wouldn’t say that its recommendation of apple juice for added moisture left my skin more hydrated - clearer and more refreshed I’d say. I’d love to try it with milk next time.

Overall, I’d say it’s built more for fun than function. It was a lot of fun to use though. Next time I have the girls round, I’ll be setting up a juice mask station next to my cocktail one. I’ve never been a fan of juicing, but this is the type that I can definitely get on board with.

The Lidl Face Mask Maker is £34.99 and is available to buy at Lidl stores nationwide.

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