Combining two of the biggest beauty trends - charcoal and micellar water - could this new inky cleanser provide a deeper clean than the competition? We put it to the test to find out

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When it comes to makeup removal, a micellar water  has earned a permanent place in my bedtime beauty regime. Gentle yet effective, I don’t usually deviate from my trusty bottle of Bioderma too often. However, when this new inky black elixir from Natura Siberica crossed our desks, I was intrigued to see if it was capable of providing an even deeper, charcoal-filled level of cleansing for my cash.

What is it?

This micellar water’s distinctive black colour comes from its inclusion of activated charcoal , an ingredient lauded for its absorbent abilities and greater pore purifying potential. Already prevalent in masks, toothpastes  and even juices, it’s pretty far-reaching in its ‘cleansing’ prowess.

This new launch looks to provide a topical twist on the trend, combining the ingredient with organic extracts of melilot, wild northern cloudberry, limonnik nanai and organic birch, to serve as a ‘magnet’ of sorts for helping draw out dirt, oil and other impurities around the face and eye area.

Who’s it for?

Those looking for an easy yet effective water-free way to remove end of day debris. Applying it on a few cotton pads and sweeping them across my eyes as well as my face, it tingled slightly, and so those with dry and sensitive skin types are probably better off choosing another.

The verdict?

Concerned that it might stain my clothes, I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw its near transparent appearance on my cotton pad. Non-greasy, it removed my base quite well. However, it wasn’t too effective on my eye makeup, leaving my mascara pretty much unscathed and moving my eyeshadow and eyeliner around a fair bit before eventually mopping them up. A separate specialist eye makeup remover  would be better if, like me, you wear quite a bit of the stuff. So while I’d probably reserve it for days where I’m wearing minimal makeup (or in the mornings), I think there are others out there that do the job better when it comes to more thorough end of day cleansing.

Natura Siberica Black Cleansing Micellar Water is £12.99 and available to  buy online here .