Does Liz Earle’s new limited edition Lavender & Vetiver Cleanse & Polish provide a ‘calming cleanse’ in every sense? We put it to the test

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In beauty, products are often imitated, but few are ever equalled and Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish is one of them. Despite launching nearly 20 years ago, it’s still the frontrunner in the hot cloth cleanser category and despite many other brands’ best efforts, it’s yet to be bettered in our experience when it comes to both formula and the exfoliating cotton cloth that accompanies it.

The limited edition variations that have launched over previous seasons provide fragrant twists on the original, adding interesting botanicals and essential oils into the mix for a more aromatic experience. Its latest incarnation is a more blissful blend - Bulgarian lavender with Indonesian vetiver - to relieve end of day tensions and uplift senses too. How does it scrub up? We put it to the test.

Who’s it for?

Dry and combination skin types will be especially appreciative of its hydrating formula and creamy texture. Providing a generous serving of the goodies found in the original - softening cocoa butter, and rosemary and chamomile to tone and soothe - the inclusions of lavender and vetiver give it even greater multi-sensory appeal. If your bedtime beauty regime helps provide a pocket of calm amidst the chaos of your working day, it could be the perfect addition to your regime.

What’s it like to use?

There’s something rather luxurious about it - its creaminess, the scent, the ritual involved...the combination of massaging it in and taking a moment to breathe in the aromas of calming lavender and woody vetiver before polishing it off with a damp cotton cloth, makes for a more caring and conditioning cleanse compared to what foaming face washes offer.

The verdict?

Not only did it remove every last scrap of my makeup, but it didn’t leave my skin feeling stripped afterwards - the kind of result I look for in a cleanser. It powered through end of day dirt, sweat and grime with ease and left my skin feeling softer and suppler. For me, it slotted best into my night time skincare regime, the time of day where I look for a more thorough cleanse.

Lavender and vetiver have a reputation for being quite heady scents, but I found that their inclusion didn't make the overall fragrance overpowering - rather, they added subtle depth. I’m one of those people that really relishes every moment of their bedtime beauty routine and this new aromatic addition made my evening wind down that much more relaxing. It was a ‘calming cleanse’ that delivered in every sense.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Lavender & Vetiver Limited Edition  will be available for just six months exclusively from , Liz Earle direct stores and selected John Lewis counters from Thursday the 22nd of February.

Written in partnership with Liz Earle. All views are our own.