Sanctuary’s new Wet Skin Moisture Miracle claims to provide double the hydration of a regular body lotion, in a fraction of the time. Does it deliver? We put the new in-shower innovation to the test

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Do you save moisturising for special occasions? I definitely do. Seeing it more as an indulgence than part of my daily routine, I’m an honorary member of the ‘I don’t have time club’, choosing to allocate those precious extra minutes in the morning for an extra slick of mascara, a touch of highlighter or a cup of (much-needed) coffee. And it appears I’m not alone. A new survey conducted by Sanctuary Spa shows that of the 65% of women who said that they don’t moisturise every day, almost half are “too busy” or so stretched they “forget” to do so. So to provide an option for the time-short, the brand’s new in-shower Wet Skin Moisture Miracle looks to serve up a solution slick enough to contend with the stresses of modern life - and just for £8.

How does it differ from other in-shower moisturisers?

Unlike others which need to be rinsed off, the beauty of this new launch is that it, well, doesn’t. Simply apply, towel dry and go to harness the specific benefits that applying a moisturiser on wet skin provides.

According to the brand’s research, moisturiser should be applied straight on out-of-the-shower skin because as soon as skin dries, it immediately loses this moisture. It aims to capitalise on “skin’s peak hydration moment,” (or “The 2 minute hydration window” as the brand calls it), when it’s super wet, not just damp, to allow water to be quickly locked into skin cells when they are already well hydrated and therefore provide double the moisture than regular body lotions do.

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Does it deliver?

I must admit that I was a bit cynical at first - past dalliances with in-shower creams have left me feeling more greasy than grateful in the hydration stakes. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this new addition. Its no-rinse concept shaved a good few seconds off my (admittedly already long) tub time and it didn’t weigh down my towel with any added oiliness when drying off.

Compared to a traditional body moisturiser, I didn’t have to waste any valuable minutes flapping around waiting for it to absorb afterwards and my skin was left with a healthy looking sheen. While I’d perhaps be hesitant to say that it locked in double the moisture of a regular body lotion, my skin was soft and supple 12 hours later (that’ll be the apricot and avocado oil-infused formula at work there) and it still carried a delicate air of the brand’s signature patchouli, sandalwood and jasmine scent.

Would I recommend it? Yes I would. For a daily remedy for moderately dry skin, it fits the bill very nicely. It now sits next to my trusty bottle of shower gel as a gentle reminder that moisturising needn’t be reserved for just evenings and weddings.

Until the end of the month, Sanctuary Wet Skin Moisture Miracle will be available to buy for £5 instead of £8.  Snap yours up here .

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