Ever since she was a teenager, Sarah Vine has used an eye cream – and it’s paid off. From brows to lashes to concealer and injectables, here are her top 5 ways to make your eyes look fabulous

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1.    Frame them well

If you've never had your eyebrows professionally shaped, now is the time. It makes the eyes look more open, fresher and generally more defined. Provided you get the shape right it can even produce an illusion of lifting. Threading  or waxing, the choice is yours - but generally threading is better for finer brows as it’s a little more precise. If you have over-plucked or sparse brows, do also consider microblading  to restore a better overall shape and add structure to the face. Vaishaly  Patel  and Suman  specialise in all things brows.

2. Consider lash extensions

I don't have these all the time - they would drive me mad, plus it’s not really very good for your natural lashes. But in high summer and for special occasions I always make my way to Harvey Nichols  for a faux lash session with Daxita Vaghela .

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She uses ultrasoft ‘Russian’ lashes that are super-light and natural looking, and her technique is really second-to-none, fast and ultra-precise. A half set (£125 - 45 minutes) is usually plenty for me, just enough to add thickness and definition, meaning I can get away with very little - if any - makeup. Plus it’s wonderful to wake up in the morning looking human for a change.

3. Tear-trough fillers

There comes a time in life when those dark shadows underneath the eyes simply will not go away, no matter how much sleep or concealer you apply to the problem. Tissue loss in the delicate under-eye area is the problem, and until recently there was really no satisfactory solution. But now you can have tear-trough fillers to restore volume to the area and banish those bags (or buckets) instantly.

That said, this is not a procedure to be undertaken lightly as it requires the utmost delicacy and expertise on behalf of your doctor. One mistake and you will end up with unsightly lumps and bumps. As it is you will probably have to suffer a couple of days of minor bruising. It requires serious skill and seriously small needles, not to mention the highest grade fillers available on the market.

There are very few people I trust with this job:  Dr Vicky Dondos   at Medicetics whose lightness of touch always ensures a beautifully subtle result, is always top of my list, as are Dr Tapan Patel , the ultimate perfectionist (at the Phi Clinic) and the lovely and super-relaxed Dr Olivia Chokron  at the Lazeo Clinic in Notting Hill. The joy of this is that it is instantaneous and, depending on the individual, lasts for up to 18 months.

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4. A good eye cream

Laugh if you like, but I’m a firm believer in eye creams . I’ve used one ever since I was a teenager and whatever other problems I may have, wrinkles around the eyes isn't one of them.

Over the years I’ve tries endless brands, but the one I would always recommend is SkinCeuticals . They offer various options, from preventative to restorative, so it’s really up to you which one feels right for your needs. Their new SkinCeuticals Eye Balm  (£75 for 15ml) is wonderfully hydrating and perfect if, like me, you suffer from puffy hayfever-type eyes.

And when the sun is out, SkinCeuticals Physical Eye UV Defense Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 ( £28 for 10ml) mineral eye cream is light and non-greasy enough to use daily and under makeup - and even has a universal tint for a bit of a concealing effect.

If you prefer something more natural, Neal’s Yard’s Rejuvenating Frankincense Eye & Lip Serum  (£26, 10ml) is a great little pick-me-up, light and non-greasy and small enough to keep on hand at all times in your bag.

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5. Last but not least, concealer

Darkness around the eyes is very ageing: it immediately signals weariness and decrepitude. The key thing to remember with any eye concealer is to use it not just underneath the eye but also in the sockets of the eye, where shadows gather, and in the outer corners. Don't obsess too much: you need a bit of light and shade, otherwise, you'll look weird. Just aim to take the worst of it off. And here’s a tip: a bit of colour in the cheeks will detract from dark shadows, so always give yourself a pop of blusher .

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As to products, the world is your oyster but my personal favourite is Hourglass Veil Retouching Fluid  (£25, 3.2ml). It comes in a range of six shades, so there's something for everyone here, and it brightens just enough without looking fake. You can also wear it on its own or with a full face of make-up. It’s also nice and hydrating and doesn't spoil over time like cheaper products.

Tell us what products and treatments you’ve tried for eyes in the comments below.