Everyone has their own tips and tricks for getting the most out of the skin they’re in. For the third in our series, Sarah Vine - mother, Get The Gloss co-founder and award-winning journalist - fills us in on how she feels #BetterThanEver in hers.

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The French have a saying: once you’re over 35 you have to choose between your face and your body. I’m not so sure that’s true anymore: modern skincare technology is such that it’s perfectly possible to have both. Companies such as L’Oréal invest millions in developing treatments that really work - and we get to enjoy the benefits.

That said, there are no miracle cures. You can’t treat your body like a dustbin and expect it not to show. And if there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the years it’s that looking one’s best is an ongoing battle. The older I get, the harder I have to fight for it. Luckily, women these days have more weapons in their beauty arsenal than ever before.

Tip 1: Reflect: Take time to get to know your skin. Everyone is different, and everyone’s skin is different.  If I can’t get my hands on a decent moisturiser, I get seriously scratchy. I long ago discovered the benefits of hyaluronic acid for dry, easily dehydrated skin: each molecule holds 1,000 times its own weight in moisture, which not only makes skin feel more comfortable, it also makes it look plump and healthy.  Products such as L’Oréal’s Revitalift Filler Renew  that contain high levels of the stuff go a long way to counteracting the effects of unavoidable, moisture-sapping environmental factors such as air-conditioning and pollution.

Tip 2: Exercise: Movement is essential to a healthy body and mind. Whether it’s just a walk in the park or a full-on high intensity training session in the gym, exercise is key to looking and feeling your best.  It improves circulation, speeds up the metabolism - and generally keeps things ticking over nicely. Modern life encourages a sedentary existence: do your best to fight it.

Tip 3: Eat: In particular, get plenty of good fats. Olive oil and avocados, nuts and seeds: they all help supply the essential fatty acids that the body needs but cannot be synthesised - and which therefore need to be ingested. Because many women obsess about staying thin by means of a low-fat diet, they tend to cut out these high-calorie foods.  Big mistake - unless of course you actively want to look like a dried up old husk.

Tip 4: Rest: Have at least two early and alcohol-free nights a week. Drink is very unkind to the complexion, dilating capillaries, putting extra pressure on the liver, causing insulin spikes, disrupting sleep and generally messing with the body’s internal balance.  If you can combine your booze-free evenings with an early night, all to the good.  A few hours of extra kip will give your body just the break it needs to catch up on a bit of biological housekeeping - and the benefits will be self-evident.

Tip 5: Enjoy: Try to have fun. A happy face is a beautiful face. Be kind to yourself and others. And whatever you do, don’t try to be perfect. Not only is perfection dull - it can be awfully stressful too. And stress shows on your face. Life is there to be lived: don’t waste too much of it worrying about things you can’t change.

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