It may be a no-frills product, but even our Glossy editors love Cetaphil - and now you can save 20% off when you buy online with a special GTG discount code

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We love Cetaphil skincare at the best of times, but when we can benefit from a 20% discount on the range we’re even more motivated to stock up.

A favourite of our ‘ Sense and Sensitivity ’ columnist Judy, along with almost every dermatologist we have ever encountered, Cetaphil’s cleanser and moisturiser have achieved cult status thanks to their universally skin-friendly, fragrance-free formulations.

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We won’t beat around the bush - this is basic stuff. The packaging won’t be displacing Dior anytime soon and there’s no anti-ageing, radiance boosting or antioxidant action to speak of. Instead, Cetaphil promises and delivers effective, functional cleansing and hydration that ticks the boxes for even the most sensitive of skin. It’s safe, softening and soothing whether you’re seven or seventy, and won’t leave skin feeling stripped, greasy or irritated.

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It’s become a skin saviour for many, and now we’re offering Get The Gloss readers the chance to save pennies too when purchasing online here at . Simply enter CETA20PR1 at the checkout to save a nifty 20% on any product.

Seeing as winter’s well on its way, we’ll be hoarding plenty - sensitised central heating skin doesn’t feature on on our AW13 wishlist.