If you're suffering with rosacea, expert makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury has the tools that could change your life

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Rosacea, the chronic skin condition that presents itself in the form of redness and a rash-like texture on the face, is thought to affect up to one in 10 people.

Most common in women, and particularly those who are aged 40 and up, it's incredibly unpleasant to live with; dry, rough, inflamed skin can occur on the cheeks, forehead, nose and even chin, along with red bumps and visibly dilated blood vessels. All in all, it's uncomfortable and unsightly, and can lead to severely sensitive skin which in turn makes it even harder to deal with.

Whereas a product reaction will slowly calm down and be soothed with a little moisture and added barrier protection, rosacea  is not curable - antibiotics can help in some cases but often, redness will remain. It's more a case of managing it by using high sun protection, sticking to gentle, unperfumed products and considering potential dietary triggers and adapting where necessary; but what about makeup? What about wanting to feel confident when you step outside to face the world, and wanting to disguise those flare-ups that look as painful as they feel?

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Renowned makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury has taken on that challenge with her new video tutorial on covering up the effects of rosacea. As the makeup artist who's on speed dial for the likes of Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez, the kohl-eyed redhead is famed for her talent for using makeup to transform faces, whether for everyday beauty or for red carpet events.

Her first makeup and skincare range has taken the world by storm, and it's these ingenious products that she uses to hide away the red and sore rosacea that Anna, her model, is suffering from. As Anna says, the products have 'changed her life' and given her the skin she had before she had rosacea. Here's hoping this tutorial can change yours too.