Jurlique's three-pronged approach to sensitive skin has you covered so you can sit back, relax, and let the botanical extracts do all the hard work, writes Judy Johnson

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There are just three things we sensitive folk need from our skincare; something that calms, something that soothes, and something that helps to fix the issue. That way, reactions don't last long, feel better, and happen less often in the future. It's a magical formula which, once found, could lead to happily ever after for you and your skin.

It's lucky, then, that our three precious wishes have been officially granted by none other than Jurlique, which has recently launched its new Calendula Redness Rescue range. With a calming facial mist, a rich and soothing cream and a hydrating serum, it's a skincare dream team for temperamental, high maintenance skin.

A brand focused on high quality botanicals, home grown on a farm where synthetic chemicals have no place, Jurlique is, on paper, a sensitive-skinned girl's perfect match. In practice, however, this was my first encounter with the Australian products and so I proceeded with caution as I tested out the new trio.

But I needn't have been so trepidatious. There is something instantly gratifying about these products; from the rich thickness of the yellow moisturising cream which creates visibly hydrated skin (though I think it would be too much for the summer months or oily skins), to the cooling, refreshing sensation of the mist as it melts onto my face. Both take no time at all to restore the feeling of stable, healthy skin.

The serum is in a league of its own - a gel-like texture, infused with chamomile and Prickly Pear extract (the name sounds like a terrible idea but it does the trick), lightly pressed into the skin it leaves a refreshed complexion behind which no longer looks starved of moisture.

Though my current routine is doing all the basics - carefully and thoroughly cleansing, gently and effectively moisturising - these three products add an extra dimension that my skin was crying out for. The attention to detail in the concoction of ingredients means that the formulas are hard at work to soothe and restore; the immediate relief and comfort alone is worth the investment, but the potent mix of calendula, marshmallow, chamomile, echinacea, self-heal and spilanthes together with active botanical oils make for effective skincare. Add to that a distinct lack of parabens, alcohol, petrochemicals, silicones and artificial fragrances and you have a range that ticks all the right boxes; a new beginning for your skin, with a very happy ending.

The new range is available now from  www.jurlique.co.uk  and launching in Marks and Spencer on 15th February 2014.