Meet the brand that’s looking after sensitive skin throughout the home, not just in the bathroom cabinet

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You may be here because you have sensitive skin like me, a  weakened skin barrier  which is forever reacting to perfume or preservatives - or perhaps you’re one of the estimated 15 million people in the UK suffering from eczema, or even one of the eight million living with a skin disease.

Whatever your skin woe, I’m guessing that like me, you’re on the constant lookout for potential triggers for your sensitivities; whether it’s remembering not to lean my arm against my clothes which I’ve sprayed perfume onto , taking my own laundry tablets when I go on holiday in case something needs washing, or insisting to the lovely manicurist that while I understand my hands are drier than the Sahara I would really prefer not to have a hand cream massage , thank you very much, I am on high alert wherever I go. Simple things like washing my hands in a fancy hotel bathroom become traumatic as I worry that my skin is about to flare up; the slightest itch causes me to mentally run through everything I’ve come into contact with that day. It’s not just skincare that’s a problem - it’s anything that my skin touches.

It’s Allergy Awareness Week this week, a campaign by Allergy UK, and so what better time to discover a brand that’s looking after sensitive skin not only with its face washes and shower gels but with household products too?

Neutral 0%, new to the UK fresh from Denmark, is the result of 25 years’ work with the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association to create products that are mild enough to suit the whole family and reduce the risk of reactions in everything from laundry detergent to shampoo. Ideal for babies’ delicate skin, it may be that as a mother you want to stock up on products that will be gentle across the board for your little one, but while other children’s brands tend to put baby first, family second (do you really want to swap your luxury shampoo for your toddler’s?), Neutral 0% really does have something for everyone in a way that won’t make you feel you’re missing out.

The whole range promises to be free from perfumes, colourants and parabens - which in any brand is a great start, but what is in the products and are they any good?

I’m yet to test everything in the range (believe me I’ll be stocking up), but of all the products I tried there were none that I wouldn’t use again in a heartbeat. The shower gel - a hefty litre of a bottle which is admittedly more pricey than my usual choice at £10.99 - contains sodium laureth sulphate (the slightly friendlier sulphate ) as well as skin-soothing glycerin, and it lathers in a satisfying yet non-drying way to gently cleanse the skin. Meanwhile the olus oil-based Intensive Repair Cream, £6.99, again contains glycerin (a great moisturiser for impaired skin barriers) and sunflower oil to deliver a rich hit of comfort to dry, sore skin. I used it on my aforementioned sandpaper-like hands and my eczema-prone elbows and they felt better instantly.

Their standout product, though, is the Neutral 0% Face Tonic; as well as the brand’s general free-from list it’s also 0% alcohol, and at £8.99 for a 150ml bottle it’s good value too, with a press-pump top that means you won’t waste a drop. It claims you can use it as a cleanser/toner, but I preferred to use it to tone post-cleanse; its pro-vitamin B-rich formula contains allantoin, a natural skin soother, as well as glycerin, and leaves skin feeling silky soft - and better still, it looks brighter and healthier too. An instant refresher for the skin that really perks up a dull complexion.

Of course, what’s impressive is the sheer breadth of needs the brand addresses - from the laundry detergents (powder and liquid forms for both whites and colours) to washing up liquids, baby wipes and soaps, it’s got all the essentials covered. Whatever your sensitivities, neutralising any potential household triggers could bring you a step closer to healthy skin; and with formulas like these you needn’t compromise on quality while you do it.

Find out more about Neutral 0% and buy online on their  website

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