Judy Johnson introduces the new GTG e-guide designed to help you soothe your sensitive skin

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Surrounded by beauty experts and enthusiasts who’ll try this cream and that potent serum without a care in the world, it’s easy to feel like the lone ugly duckling when my own skin responds to the latest in anti-ageing and luxurious scents with a rash that lasts for weeks on end. But alone I am not; since starting my sensitive skin column,  Sense and Sensitivity  on Get The Gloss a few years ago it’s had just shy of a million views from people who are in the exact same predicament.

More and more beauty consumers are seeking sensitive skin care products; in 2014 a Mintel report found that one in five looks for ‘free-from’, gentle products that are suitable for fragile skin, and our audience is proof that there are hundreds of thousands of sensitive skin sufferers out there. From the increasing number of people dealing with eczema to those who look in the mirror with trepidation for fear of redness or worse, a rash, we’re all looking for the right skin care to keep our complexions happy and itch-free, which is why I’m on a mission to seek out those products and brands who understand the needs of delicate skin.

Inspired by the column, today we launch The Beginner’s Guide to Sensitive Skin , a 25-page downloadable ebook designed to bring you the absolute essentials for looking after sensitive skin. In it you’ll find expert tips from the likes of Dr Sam Bunting , the cosmetic dermatologist whose precious advice has saved me from a rash or two in my time, as well as Content Beauty’s  Imelda Burke  and brand owners  Dr Howard Murad  and  Sarah Brown  of Pai.

From understanding types of sensitivity and the experts’ guide to building up your barrier to the ideal, non-irritating beauty regime for your other skin concerns, this practical guide is packed full of tips and tricks to help you face the day without the need for antihistamines and a paper bag.

Download it now and heed the advice of the pros to leave the ugly duckling days behind, swan off and wave goodbye to uncomfortable reactions - and say hello to healthier, glowing skin.

Download your copy of The Beginner’s Guide to Sensitive Skin now for £4.95