From harsh winds to strong sunrays, This Works in transit skin defence protects you from the wrath of Mother Nature

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Whether it’s the weather's undecided temperature, aggressive central heating or damaging air pollution (need we remind you how bad Oxford Circus is for your skin ), we’re subject to a long list of environmental conditions that play havoc with our skin.

This Works in transit skin defence works to provide a protective layer to fight off sun damage and dehydration with a rich blend of antioxidants. It contains Bio Boost, This Works’s unique blend of antioxidant plant oils to regulate the skin’s moisture levels, hyaluronic acid to support collagen synthesis and plump the skin to retain its youth, and Vitamin E to reduce symptoms of sensitive skin.

Though despite its impressive list of ingredients, it’s the addition of SPF 30 that tips this product further into our list of winners. As that shocking Thomas Leveritt video showed us , it’s extremely important to wear sun protection everyday – even if you’re not in direct sunlight - and you can guarantee your face will be safe with a slather of this. The in transit skin defence also stretches its multitasking functions to keep you moisturised, as well as battle everyday stresses, maintain the skin’s natural balance and ward off signs of ageing. An every day essential - for your skin’s sake.

This Works in transit skin defence, usually £29 but on sale for £26.10, available  here