The gift of a good night’s sleep: is there anything better? Holistic Silk has the perfect Christmas present idea courtesy of its range of limited edition Eye Masks

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If all your loved one wants for Christmas this year is to get that little bit closer to achieving their full 8 hours, we have just the gift idea certain to make time stand still: a Holistic Silk Eye Mask.

A bedfellow like no other, it’s become our newfound ally for warding off all manner of night time distractions. Impenetrable but comfortable, long gone are the days of unsightly mask-related rings around the eyes and hair tugging elastic bands - its super soft cotton velvet body, silky ties and supersized shape that rests on the cheekbones and forehead (instead of just the eyes) mean that the only mark this mask will leave is the unmistakable spring in their step left from a good night’s sleep.

Filled with pure dried lavender to provide a subtle and soothing fragrance to calm frazzled nerves at the end of a long day, and adorned with a variety of limited edition prints, this is one fashion forward sleep accessory that is quite simply the stuff of dreams.

Holistic Silk Limited Edition Eye Masks are £46 and are available to  buy online here .

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