Real results thankfully don’t always come care of rare ingredients or plush packaging. Here’s your guide to the best skincare on a budget

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How do you recognise when a skincare product is a pot of gold or a crock of um, something else? Certain lotions and potions, notably serums, facial oils and good quality exfoliators, are normally worth paying a little more for, but the markups on some moisturisers and the like, whether owing to glossy packaging or some kind of precious unicorn juice, can verge on the scandalous. That being said, you don’t want cheap and nasty on your face either. The following brands generally fuse effective active ingredients with skin-friendly formulas and tangible results either immediately or over time (ideally both), minus the unnecessary packaging, applicators or, crucially, enormous margin. Glowing skin and healthy bank balance begin here...

The Ordinary

The latest innovation by the current Willy Wonka of beauty, Brandon Truaxe of parent company Deciem, The Ordinary  is actually anything but when you consider the smoke and mirrors at play in the current skincare scene. Offering pure, clinical treatments based on science rather seduction, the range delivers key vitamins, acids, retinoids, oils, hydrators and other dermatologically beneficial molecules such as multi-peptide complexes and pigmentation fighting plant extracts at powerful, beneficial concentrations.

If you’re au fait with your ingredients and skincare needs, The Ordinary will be a blast of fresh air, but for those of us unsure quite what to do with Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F , you may need to get your Google on. Once swotted up, however, you’ll have a much better idea of what to look for a skincare product in general, and will likely realise that what The Ordinary is up to is nothing short of genius. With pricing that starts at a mere £4.90 for brightening, hydrating Vitamin C Suspension 23% with HA+Spheres 2%  (that’s skin plumping hyaluronic acid to you and I), the brand’s inclusivity and integrity are pretty much second to none in the current skincare market. Feel, smell and packaging may be from fancy, but actually, when it comes to troubleshooting and reaping rewards from your skincare, none of that matters.

The hero products: Where to start? Buying into The Ordinary is quite a personal endeavour, given that every skin has its own unique requirements, but most skin types benefit from a daily hit of vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, and if you’re after an evening retinol that doesn’t mess about,  Advanced Retinol 2%  is already a bestseller.

Superdrug B. Skincare

B.  drops onto our desks relatively frequently, and I’m almost always very impressed by the efficacy and gimmick-free yet on-the-pulse nature of the product launches. The vegan own-brand range prides itself on releasing clinically proven formulas at low prices, and while skincare is grouped by age bracket, it pays to look at lineup in terms of your skincare priorities. Budget has gone towards high-quality ingredient combination rather than packaging; think peptide-rich eye cream with line plumping hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid and niacinamide based treatments to calm and clarify blemish-prone skin. There’s a refreshing transparency when it comes to ingredients, and while not every product is a winner, the team behind B. clearly know that customers crave futuristic skincare without the frippery.

The hero products: The Essence Lotion , £6.99, taps into the Korean trend for ‘sandwiching’ in hydration between cleansing and moisturising, and while not a routine must-have, this version is affordable enough to dabble in and see if it makes a difference. Moisture-boosting glycerin is high up in the ingredients list, which is promising. For your skincare daily bread, the  Pure Micellar Water , £4.99, Stubborn Makeup Remover , £7.99 and  Clean Melting Gel Cleanser , £6.99, all perform as well as the spendy alternatives.


It’s no means a dirt-cheap line, but  No7  is globally revered for its trustworthy, no BS product range, and the fact that it’s the serum brand of choice in the UK speaks of its prowess in that normally pricey skincare sub-sector. With clinical studies proving efficacy published in respected tomes such as The British Journal of Dermatology, in addition to regular consumer testing, No7 skincare is almost always reliable in terms of doing what it says on the jar.

The latest Lift & Luminate launch, including a Triple Action Day Cream , £24.95, Night Cream  £24.95 and  Eye Cream , £17, blend No7’s now famed peptide Matrixyl 3000 PLUS™ with plant based amino acids, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, impressed testers across the board, with the eye cream in particular making waves; 83% of women reported brighter eyes after eight weeks. Our middle-aged tester noticed an improvement in suppleness and smoothness after about three weeks, and needless to say would purchase the range again. The fact that a ‘3 for 2’ on No7 skincare products seems to have been running for an eternity in Boots makes investing in a three-piece regime all the more appealing. Do be aware that

The hero products: The Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum , £24.95, has earned cult status thanks to the aforementioned much-lauded anti-ageing peptide Matrixyl 3000 PLUS™, combined with moisture-conserving humectants and antioxidant vitamins C and E. The range of primers, while not technically skincare, is also outstanding.


A French pharmacy favourite that initially found fame thanks to its makeup artist approved micellar solutions, Bioderma  formulates skincare in consultation with dermatologists and biologists, which coupled with the fact that much of the range is fragrance-free means that it’s a particularly good bet for sensitive or sensitised skin. With ranges to suit the dryest and oiliest of skins, clever textures and generally positive antioxidant profiles, with some cracker SPFS and cleansers, you can see why many of us jumped across the pond to hoard this before it arrived on our shores.

The hero products: Sensibio H2O , £10.50, is the mother of all micellar waters, and the  Hydrobio  range provides soothing relief for dehydrated skins, whether oily, combination or dry by nature.


The formerly lanolin based ‘Oil of Olay’ has come a seriously long way since its founding in 1952, with the brand investing in the latest skincare technology without compromising on affordability for the consumer. Packaging can look a little staid, but as mentioned earlier, as long as a bottle keeps your skincare ingredients fresh and stable, it’s doing its job. The brand particularly specialises in serums, moisturisers and eye creams for very dry and mature skins, and recent studies show that the Olay Regenerist 3 Point Age Defying Night Cream , £29.99, hydrates skin as effectively as more expensive alternatives, even taking on a pot of £450 moisturiser.

The hero products: The entire Regenerist is storming it in terms of skin barrier repairing, protective skincare, while the Total Effects range  is very versatile, with various options according to skin requirements, levels of SPF and desired effect, from a hint of a tan to added luminosity. If you’re loathe to spend extra cash on a primer, a bit of Total Effects slipped under makeup works a treat.


Another French import,  Vichy  find favour with many dermatologists for its gentle formulas and range of skincare infused foundations. Vichy also excels in addressing particular skin concerns such as pigmentation and acne, and the Neovadiol range is tailored to menopausal skin that’s losing density and plumpness due to hormonal changes. I think that it particularly excels where ‘maintenance’ and masks are concerned- think beautifully creamy cleansers, makeup melting gels and an intriguing new pricier ‘peel’ aimed at sensitive skins to take the edge off the normally harsh glycolic acid options (Idélia Peeling, £30). I haven’t tried it as yet, but I’ll keep you updated on the redness/ radiance balance (peels often = perjury on reactive skin).

The hero products:  Aqualia  Therm al  Serum , £22.50, is a cooling, hydrating serum-fluid that flies in the face of dehydration, while Normaderm Night Detox , £11.25, is bulk bought in our household for its spot-shrinking, sebum regulating powers.


Ridiculously splashy face wash adverts aside (look up the meme), Neutrogena isn’t resting on its 90s laurels. The latest Hydro Boost® launch feels up to the minute and delivers on its softening, replenishing claims across the line, although I’d give the face wipes a miss and get stuck into the delicious  Hydro Boost® Gelée Milk Cleanser , £7.99, instead. To stray from facial skincare, Norwegian Formula is as good as ever- from chapped hands to cracked heels, in almost every guide it provides instant relief.

The hero products: Norwegian Formula Concentrated Hand Cream  £2.89, for old time’s sake, and the new Hydro Boost® cleansers  for gentle yet thorough de-griming.

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