To get better results from your face cream - choose one that comes with a supplement for inside-out benefits

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When it comes to skincare supplements we've wholeheartedly embraced radiance-boosting collagen supplements and hydrating hyaluronic acid pills as a part of our beauty routines. Creams and serums are, after all, only half the puzzle for great skin.

Normally you'd have to buy your face creams and supps separately but now topical and ingestible skincare are being offered together to reinforce the point that good skin starts from the inside. Welcome to the new power couples: skincare and supplement duos that come as a package. New British brand You're Looking Well (below) has launched with duos as part of its DNA, meanwhile, Weleda's cult Skin Food range has joined forces with nutritionists' favourite supplement brand Cytoplan for a duo box called The Complete  Skin Food Regime.

The ingestibles work to turbocharge the topicals, with more radiant skin as the payoff. 

It makes sense as what happens inside our bodies has a major impact on the outside.  For example, our gut bacteria play a vital role in how well our skin behaves via the connection known as the gut-skin axis. Looking after our internal health can truly be the missing skincare link. 

So if you feel that your product regime isn’t working, this two-pronged approach could be the thing to try.

The easy way to team skincare and supplement duos

Clever skincare brands have been selling ingestible antioxidant vitamins, superfood powders and collagen drinks alongside their ranges of creams and serums for a while. Beauty Pie, Dr David Jack, Skin Diligent and Perricone MD are examples. Stella McCartney recently added a supplement to her ultra-sustainable skincare line Alter-Care skincare. She calls  Alter-Care Supplement, £60, “edible skincare”. It's made of botanical fatty acids and vitamin E.

Supplement brands are branching out into skincare too. Perfectil by Vitabiotics has launched an anti-stretchmark Perfectil Biotherapy Body Oil, £18.95 while functional mushroom and CBD brand Grass & Co now does as a face oil and a day cream, from £27.95. 

But the new trend for packaging skincare and supplements as a dream team is a step on from this, and a way of making your life easier. If you want a no-brainer approach – swallow the pill, apply the cream, sorted. The efficiency of that gets our seal of approval.

The best integrated skincare and supplement duos

These twosomes promise to be twice as nice for your skin.

The double duo for glowing skin: You’re Looking Well The Regime, £150 (£83 per month on subscription)

Who’s it for? Any skin type at any age.
What is it? Made by the first skin brand to be entirely based on compatible supplements and creams, The Regime is a set of four products, a cream and a pill for morning (ditto for evening) that’ll last you a month. The monthly subscription brings the price down to £83. The brand has shown that the effectiveness of the skincare increased when testers included the supplements.
The daytime set protects, brightens and de-bloats. The Day Cream has stable vitamin C, niacinamide, fatty acids and amino acids, while the Day Pill has B vitamins, vitamin D and zinc and probiotics to improve digestive health, reduce bloating and neutralise the gut (and skin’s) stress response. 

The nighttime regime boosts skin regeneration and calms the skin and nervous system. There’s a gentle bio-retinoid, microalgae and soothing agents in the cream, and reparative antioxidants and sleep-promoting magnesium and l-theanine in the pill.
Our verdict: I love that this is gentle enough to suit any skin, but powered by proven actives that we know make a difference. The experts behind the formulas have ensured each active is used where it’s proven to have the most skin benefit - that means probiotics in the pills but vitamin C in the creams. The latter are unscented with light but nourishing textures, while the capsules are easy to take. This is a shoe-in for good skin health: skin will be calmer, better hydrated and more even-toned. The only thing missing is the sunscreen.

The 360 degree skin plumping plan: Cytoplan and Weleda The Complete Skin Food Regime, £60

Who’s it for? Those with dry skin who like rich creams.

What is it? B Corp-certified natural skin brand Weleda has teamed up with ethical, food-based supplement producer Cytoplan to put together what they call a 'mutually supportive' regime. It comprises a Skin Food Nourishing Day Cream, Nourishing Night Cream and two 60-capsule pots of Skin Food Complex.

The creams reinforce the skin barrier and microbiome and keep even the driest skin in a state of moisturisation.

The Skin Food Complex helps plug a 'nutrition gap' that leaves us lacking the vital nutrients for well-functioning skin. Containing a blend of vegan collagen and collagen co-factors such as vitamin C, MSM and zinc, it supplies the body with the building blocks for creating more plumping collagen.

Our verdict: If you’ve got genuinely dry skin, the lipid-rich creams will restore comfort (avoid if you’re sensitive to fragrance, including essential oils) and instant plumpness. I like that the creams look after the top layers while the supplement is very well designed to plump out the deeper layers of the skin. The set is good value, giving you two months’ worth of nourishment, which is enough to effect real changes in the skin.

The sucker punch for spots: Gallinée Inside-Out Anti-Blemish Duo, £55

Who’s it for? Spot-prone and oily skin.

What is it? When it comes to spots Gallinée’s USP is to deliver not anti-bacterial but pro-bacterial skin solutions, meaning boosting the good bacteria rather than stripping the bad. And given that probiotics work hardest for the skin when taken internally, it makes sense to offer their acne-busting probiotic supplement and a pre- and postbiotic topical serum together.

The Fresh Vinegar Gelée serum has a patented ingredient that weakens the bacteria strains that cause acne and allows the good ones to thrive. Cider vinegar and prebiotics dampen inflammation and help repair the skin barrier. The Clear & Microbiome Supplement calms and balances the gut.

Our verdict: While spot-busters like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide work fast to nuke zits, this gentle pro-bacterial approach takes some time to get going but as it balances out skin instead of suppressing issues, it offers a real chance of long-term spot-free, oil-slick free skin. The Gelée is lovely to use and hydrating, and if you apply the twice a day, the set will last you a month.

The double-duty collagen bomb: Absolute Collagen Deep Lift Collagen Skin Essentials, £140

Who’s it for? Mature and (peri)menopausal skin.

What is it? Absolute Collagen’s one-a-day collagen drinks (delivering 8g of collagen peptides plus collagen-building vitamin C) are a bestseller in the ever-more-popular world of collagen supplements.  Their Absolute Collagen Deep Lift skincare has been a big hit too and comes as an inside-and-out double act, with Deep Lift Day and Night Cream and 28 sachets of your daily collagen drink. 

While the supplement revs up collagen and elastin (the brand's own clinical trial showed skin elasticity boosted by  60 per cent after 12 weeks) the creams are highly moisturising and contain the famed Matrixyl 3000 cell-regenerating peptide to work in tandem on the skin’s collagen synthesis.

Our verdict:  These (richly scented) creams are velvety and instantly plumping. Skin that looks filled out instantly, while the brand has proof to show that with continued use of the daily sachets of collagen, these results can be maintained. The only hitch is that the creams will last you longer than the month’s supply of the supplement, requiring a top-up with another month’s worth of the brand’s Marine Liquid Collagen Drink for Women at £54.