You’re eating real ingredients, but are you washing with them? If not, it’s time to lather up with a brand new launch…

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The products that we use all over our bodies can have a big impact, and I’m not just talking in terms of making skin silky smooth and smell like strawberries. Experts say that if you’re considering transitioning your usual toiletries to more naturally derived alternatives, your body is the place to start, as that’s the largest surface area you’re playing with (as opposed to say, an organic bronzer). Turns out that now is just the time too, as eco, skin and ethically friendly bodycare brand Souper Duper launches into Liberty today.

Creatively conceived by Marcia Kilgore, formerly of Bliss and Soap & Glory, Soaper Duper is bright in every sense of the word, from the bubble shaped, lime green packaging conjured up by industrial designer Ross Lovegrove to the innovative, plant-derived formulas and company commitment to supporting both WaterAid and Clean the World. What’s more, for a range that boasts 90+ per cent naturally sourced ingredients, rejects animal byproducts and damaging chemicals and puts a focus on using recycled plastic, it comes in at a very reasonable price point (from £6).

Soaper Duper has been 17 months in the making, with ‘green’ chemists furiously blending and bubbling in the lab to create the kind of products that they’d be happy to slather their four old in (true story re: motivations of a chief chemist). The result is foamy, but via plant derived rather than SLS  sources, smoothing, thanks to plant  AHAs , moisturising, courtesy of delicious natural emollients, and won’t go off after a week, on account of ecologically and dermatologically sound preservatives. Essentially, the line is a meeting of practical and aspirational minds; it’s as plant based and environmentally friendly as possible, without the short shelf life and expense often incurred with certified organic products.

Ingredients also sound at home in a smoothie, without the side order of parabens, phthalates, microbeads , sulfates, triclosans and other dubious, often detrimental additions. Think coconut water, aloe vera juice and passionfruit acids, rather than polyethylene and the like. Body lotions, washes and hand creams smell like superfood cocktails, and glycerin, along with hydrating nut butters, keep your skin soft and healthy post-cleanse. There are no colourants, for the simple reason that artificial colours can irritate skin, while natural ones tend to be unstable, but where there are elements that may seem at odds with the eco vibe, ingredient usage is clearly explained. One example is the usage of fragrance, as natural fragrance has a tendency to cause more sensitivity and skin reactions than man-made fragrance compounds, so Soaper Duper goes down the man-made route. Likewise dimethicone, a silicone, is used in certain products to keep skin supple and moisturised, as it doesn’t penetrate the skin or damage the environment once it’s washed off, so it’s not intrinsically evil as many silicone naysayers might suggest.

Soaper Duper isn’t claiming to be organic, vegan or holier than though, it’s just going the extra mile to make things right for consumers, the natural world and those that don’t have access to soap or clean water, by way of company donations to charity. As business models go, we say that’s pretty healthy.

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