For naturally lifted, firm complexion, you need to try Freshly Cosmetics' Omega Rich Well-Ageing Cream

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Written in partnership with  Freshly Cosmetics.

Spanish vegan beauty brand Freshly Cosmetics  just opened its first-ever store outside the country at 44 Carnaby Street in London. We were first in line to try the 99 per cent natural, cruelty-free, sustainable collection, which currently has a Black Friday month offer of 40% off everything (50% on orders over £59).

It's the  Omega Rich Well-Ageing Cream , (normally £39, now £23.40) that has really caught our attention. This luxurious night cream embodies Freshly Cosmetics' concept of 'well-ageing' rather than anti-ageing. We can't stop time but we can improve the biological age of our skin with targeted actives. We can also change the way we view the ageing process - after all, wrinkles are the places where smiles have been!

This 99 per cent natural pot of indulgence is a great focus for an evening self-care beauty routine. Eight natural clinical active ingredients work hard to protect the components that make our skin look plump and healthy - collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and fibroblasts - ensuring that the skin does not lose its energy and retains its youthful bounce. Recommended for +30 skins, it repairs cell damage and improves the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, dullness and dehydration. In clinical trials, 44% of users report a decrease in wrinkles and expression lines in just eight weeks.

Skin can become dehydrated as we get older and hyaluronic acid is a key player in restoring plumpness. The Omega Rich Well-Ageing Cream utilises the ingredient in an all-new way. It contains Freshly Cosmetics' Smart Hyaluronic Acid Capsules, which drive the ingredient deep into the layers of the skin where it's needed in order to make a visible difference, keeping skin moist all day. The combination of this and Plant Glycogen works to increase the skin elasticity by 66%, hydration by 130% and strengthen the skin barrier by 23% after 28 days.

Dry skin is a thing of the past too when you're using this cream. The salicornia complex drenches even the most Sahara-like of complexions, reducing water loss to keep skin supple long after the cream has sunk in. You can rest assured that your skin barrier is protected too; the moisturiser is infused with microflora to strengthen your skin barrier and to keep skin protected and healthy.

One last thing we want you to know about Freshly Cosmetics, before you hotfoot it down to 44 Carnaby Street to try the brand for yourself. Ninety-five per cent of the brand's packaging is made of 100 per cent recyclable glass, aluminium and wood and the company is working to make its packaging 100 per cent sustainable too.

Want to try it for yourself. Now is a perfect time as the Freshly Cosmetics Black Month discount is offering an incredible 40% off everything, increasing to 50% on orders over £59!

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