Rough hands, dry faces, flaky skin; we’ve all experienced winter skin woes. But now a vitamin supplement claims it can protect your skin against the ageing effects of the cold…

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Vitabiotics have unveiled first-ever findings of a clinical study proving that their vitamin supplement, Perfectil Platinum, can guard skin against roughness during the chilliest time of year.

Colder months are known to leave our skin exposed to harmful conditions due to factors such as rapid temperature changes from outdoors to indoors. Ever experienced trudging through frosty conditions on your way to the office, only to suddenly get slapped in the face with furious central heating? This can cause the deterioration of your skin’s condition, which can accelerate the ageing process.

However in their groundbreaking study, Clinical Interventions in Aging, Vitabiotics revealed there could be an answer in the form of the supplement. Results showed that the vitamin consistently protected skin from becoming dry, helped to maintain skin thickness and even reduced the volume of fine lines, thanks to its ingredients which include marine collagen, vitamin C and blackcurrant seed oil.

Professor Phillippe Humbert, a world-renowned expert on skin analysis who led the Vitabiotics clinical research, noted the positive effects of taking Perfectil Platinum and suggested women consider taking the supplement during the winter months.

He said: “The dry and cold winter weather has a great influence on the condition of exposed skin, affecting the face the most. Year after year these changes in roughness, skin thickness and elasticity lead to visible skin ageing.”

It’s not the first weather-related skincare breakthrough to hit the headlines; in June, the Queensland Institute of Medical Research conducted a study that proved for the first time that sun cream is an effective tool for anti-ageing . Examining data from 903 adults, they found that the group were 24% less likely to show signs of increased ageing than those who wore sunscreen less often.

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