A cult lip product has been given an SPF makeover, and its benefits go far beyond your mouth

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Applying lip balm to your eyes may seem a bit bonkers, but bear with me; there’s a new launch doing the rounds and it’s shaking things up around here. Firstly, it’s based on sugar, that delicious but much scorned carbohydrate that we’re all doing our best to dodge currently. Secondly, not only is it actively not bad for you, its protective potential is seriously impressive.

The Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment SPF 30 PA++ , £20, builds on the nourishing legacy of the original much loved  Sugar Lip Treatment , providing a rich hit of long lasting moisture along with the added bonus of increased sun protection. Add a transparent formula that conditions and cares for the eye area and cheekbones as well as it does lips, not to mention free-radical fighting antioxidants care of grapeseed oil and blackcurrant seed oil, and we’ve well and truly fallen back in love with Sugar (note capital S; the sweet stuff is still on the naughty step).

Fresh co-founder Lev Glazman’s active lifestyle was the inspiration behind the sporty new addition to the Sugar family:

“I enjoy jogging and I am a very outdoorsy person. Since I am in the sun so often and exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time, I wanted to develop something that would give me high SPF protection. A treatment with SPF 30 is very important, especially when you are exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. I wanted to create a treatment that lived within the sugar lip franchise with higher SPF. When you are travelling from home to the office SPF 15 is fine, but for outdoor activities I wanted a higher SPF protection that can be used on more than just the lips. I wanted it to be one product that I could throw in my pocket if I was running and apply it to multiple areas that require SPF protection.”

"The higher SPF in Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 30  provides double the SPF protection of Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15 . The additional SPF is ideal for an active lifestyle, when you are exposed to the sun for longer periods of time, and want protection for not only your lips but also your face and eye area as well. Sugar Sport has all of the benefits of Sugar Lip Treatment but in a more durable, water-resistant formula that make it perfect to use on the ski slopes, jogging, playing golf, surfing, or any outdoor activities.”

Why big up a sturdy SPF in March? Put plainly, skin cancer is the most common cancer in Britain, and NICE guidelines issued at the beginning of February this year indicate that ‘there is no safe or healthy way to get a tan from sunlight’, and furthermore, a ‘base’ tan is not a security blanket that allows us to get away with a lower SPF sunscreen (or worse, nothing at all):

“Getting a tan provides little protection against later exposure to sunlight and the resulting skin damage outweighs any later protective effect.”

NICE also makes clear that it’s possible to put your skin at risk from sun damage outside of the summer months, and that cloudy weather is no barrier to harmful UV rays. Despite these no nonsense recommendations, Mintel research reveals that 62% of Brits only wear sunscreen on sunny days, while 23% of us sideline SPF to holidays only. Only 13% of Brits wear sun protection all year round, but if you’re of a sporty disposition especially, or work outdoors, it’s vital to look after your body’s largest organ through the seasons. Happily, along with refraining from smoking, protecting yourself from the sun is the most effective anti-ageing strategy out there.

Arming yourself with a multitasking, moisturising stick product takes care of delicate areas that are particularly exposed during the winter months (ski slope glare does more than skew your vision...). If it’s water-resistant and windproof as the Sugar Sport Treatment is, all the better; sunscreen seeping into eyes is perhaps why many of us scrimp on SPF in this area in the first place. Consistent use of a stay-put sunscreen, however, could do the job of a thousand eye creams in terms of preventing wrinkles, and the same is true of sun induced ‘age spots’; pigmentation is always simpler to prevent than treat, despite the double digit growth in brightening, dark spot targeting skincare of late as reported by the NPD Group (the market grew by 12% between 2013 and 2014 alone).

A velvety sunscreen balm that you can apply practically with your eyes closed doesn’t just come in handy when fingers are frozen on ski runs; come warmer climes and times, swimmers, surfers, tennis nuts and you know, commuters (definitely a sport in our book) will appreciate a faff-free, pocket friendly means of protection, and the plumping, sheeny effect on eyes, lips and cheeks is very welcome too. Also, the sugar in the formula prevents moisture loss. Tell that to all the sugar haters.

Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment SPF 30 PA++ , £20

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