This summer romance won’t fade into the sunset, in fact, in will protect, strengthen and comfort all season long

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Solving the eternal 'do I switch up my skincare for summer?’ debate, Codage Summer Time Serum gives your skin exactly what it needs on hot, bright days when your regular skincare feels too heavy or stops performing. It’s strong yet gentle, mattifying yet moisturising and even boosts your skin’s natural SPF, thanks to Heat Shock Proteins and active antioxidants. It’s powerful, it’s sophisticated, and did I mention it’s French? Ooh la la, it has my attention.

It slips on in the manner of silky lingerie, instantly softening the skin, while the added tanning activator boosts the skin’s melanin production during sun exposure, enhancing and prolonging your natural glow without the streaks or dreaded digestive biscuit whiff associated with fake tan (although don’t expect instant results; this bronzing eleixir is a slow burner). It also shields skin from pollution, thanks to a clever peptide alloy combined with polyphenols, minerals and vitamins. You’ll want to drink it up, but just a few drops a day from the petite teat pipette is all you need to reap the benefits. It’s suitable for sensitive skin too. C’est l’amour.

Codage Summertime Serum, £106,  buy online