Everyone has their own unique ways of getting the best out of their skin, in the first of our series, Susannah Taylor - mother, business woman and Editor-in-Chief of Getthegloss.com - explains what makes her feel her most radiant.

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As a mother of two, and founder of Getthegloss.com, I have very little time for an elaborate beauty regime, so I need products and a regime that works fast and effectively. As I get older, (despite a few more lines), I take a more holistic view of beauty and health than I ever did when I was younger (I’m a firm believer in exercise and a good diet too for healthy looking skin) and I genuinely feel, at the age of 40, that myself and my skin are looking better than ever, and when my skin looks good, that makes me feel confident and happy in myself too.  This is exactly the approach L’Oréal Paris is taking on with their #BetterThanEver Revitalift Filler Renew campaign - they’ve found women in their 40’s have reached a point in their lives where they finally feel confident with who they are and they’re comfortable in their skin. Here are a few of the ways I keep myself and my skin at it's healthy best….

Every night is a thorough cleansing night (no matter the hour)

I’m not one of those people who spends hours over my skincare regime. As a mother of two and with a business to manage I just don’t have the time for anything that takes long. Having said that, I never thought I would be the sort of person who ‘double cleanses’, but I have actually fallen into it - in the evenings I tend to take all my makeup off (including eye makeup) with a Micellar water, this removes all my eye makeup too, leaving no greasy residue.

I then wash my face with a wash off cleanser, along with a Foreo sonic cleansing device. Using sonic vibrations and pulses it is said to purge impurities from your skin and I swear it's made my skin look clearer than ever.

Maintaining moisture levels

My skin tends to drink up moisturiser, and it looks better than ever the more hydrated it is. I am currently using L’Oréal’s Revitalift Filler Renew Anti-ageing Replumping Concentrate  and Day Cream . Containing concentrated Hyaluronic acid, it locks in moisture. I have recently turned 40 and am terrified of the idea of fillers so this is the next best thing to making my skin plump and bouncy, at a much more affordable price starting at £14.99. I find that not only does it make skin look so smooth when it’s first applied but looks really glowy all day too. I love the fact that the    #BetterThanEver campaign from L'Oréal Paris is also all about radiance and freshness not masking our signs of ageing - for me it's important I look my best for my age but not hide my age. I've never been afraid of telling people how old I am.

Eyeing it up

I do love using an eye cream in the morning. I am also using Revitalift Filler Renew Eye Cream  from L’Oréal which is soft and non-greasy and softens the look of the fine lines appearing under my eyes. The metal ballpoint tip is also really refreshing on those sleepy mornings.

Night time nurturing

At night time I actually like giving my skin the chance to breathe - I don’t believe in using too many products all at once as I feel it can suffocate skin. This is when I savour the aromatherapy effects of a facial oil - I find the scents very therapeutic. One of my favourites is Sisley’s Black Rose Facial oil which is top of the price range, but which I love because it’s light, non greasy and smells divine. I also use less expensive alternatives however.

Exfoliate for skin energy

One thing I feel makes a dramatic difference to my skin is exfoliating once or twice a week. I think it really makes sense - if you slough away all the dead skin cells, dirt and pollution sticking to your epidermis regularly then products will be absorbed better, makeup will go on smoother and generally you will look more radiant and glowing. I think it’s important to use a very gentle exfoliator though - nothing is gained by scrubbing your face raw, and over-exfoliating can worsen acne. My favourite exfoliator is Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Refine & Polish Miracle Balm which is very gentle and it contains run non-scratchy rounded beads that dissolve on the skin. I also love Lancôme’s Smoothing Exfoliating Cream for Dry Skin.

Be a sleep geek

Nothing makes me look or feel worse than lack of sleep and nothing makes me look or feel better than a good eight hours. Full stop. I just need to get to bed earlier.

Set water reminders

I used to be hopeless at drinking water as to be honest I find it a bit boring and then I heard about an app called Water Minder. It basically pops up on your phone about four times a day telling you to drink more. It’s the reminder I need else I might go the whole day without it. I notice if I have a good day of drinking water then the next day my skin looks really plump and refreshed.

Be stealthy with supplements

In an ideal world we would all get the nutrition we need from our diet, but unfortunately we can’t all get to a farmer’s market, visit a fresh fruit 'n' veg stall or go the butchers when we are juggling families and busy jobs. This is where supplements come in - the ones I make sure I take every day are Omega 3’s. When I make a smoothie I will also add collagen power which Amelia Freer the nutritional therapist recommended to me. If I were to take it religiously for a few weeks I really see a change in my skin.

Exercise is everything

I feel that the one thing that has really made my skin look and feel better than ever at forty is exercise. It makes total sense that if the blood is pumping faster round your body then more blood flow is getting to the largest organ in your body - your skin -  and improving its circulation and also its glow. Ignore all those naysayers who say running is bad for your skin etc., I really think exercise of any kind can keep you young looking. I exercise about 4-5 times a week and make sure I mix up running with a training session with swimming to keep it interesting.

And finally....

I think it's important as I turn 40 to feel the best I possibly can. Who says I can't feel better about myself now than I did at 25? Who makes those rules? The #BetterThanEver campaign from L'Oréal Paris sums up this attitude to life - #BetterThanEver is hopefully within all our reach no matter our age, and it's amazing how a small step such as having better, more glowing skin can really make a big difference to the way you look and feel.

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This feature was written in partnership and sponsored by  L'Oréal Paris .