This Christmas forget the traditional Advent calendar - we're bringing you a festive countdown of our favourite beauty gifts. Kiran Branch kicks off day one

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Let us paint you a little picture. It’s Christmas Day, and despite your best intentions of having a somewhat healthy Christmas, gluttony has got the better of you. As you struggle to muster the requisite impetus needed to leave the dinner table you realise that perhaps you just need to sleep it off - although it would be nigh impossible with all of the surrounding chaos, formerly known as your nearest and dearest.

You reach for a rather spiffy looking Christmas cracker to both appease and stifle the tears of a nearby hyperactive niece/nephew/godchild who’s hopped up on E-numbers and to your delight, in lieu of the usual party hat, bad joke and poor excuse for a toy, out pops the Deep Sleep Dream Cream by This Works.

Full of the genuine glee that you feigned earlier when your beloved granny bestowed you with your annual gift of whimsical socks, you excitedly apply the highly absorbent, non-greasy formula on your hands and feet. Within seconds you experience the expert fusion of calming Provencal Lavender with the oil of tranquility Vetivert - a clever combination which instantly begins to relieve tension and stress.

The soothing aroma of Wild Camomile renders you so relaxed that you're forced to recline - you've barely had time to read the packaging of this wonder product and its promise to restore hydration, repair damaged and dry skin, plus improve skin elasticity and suppleness, before you're sound asleep.

Just as you’re to be summoned to assist with the mammoth kitchen and wrapping paper clean-up, granny notices that you're cuddled up with your Deep Sleep Dream Cream and decides to leave you be. This Works indeed.

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