In the third of a four part series, jean queen Donna Ida reveals how she maximises her ‘me time’...

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As the pioneering doyenne of denim for women, Donna Ida has a hectic schedule that sees her in London one minute and Australia the next, with an inevitable pitstop in Paris along the way. She founded her self-titled company  spurred on by a passion for making women feel and look great in their skin (not to mention, jeans). From her impeccable taste to her famous ‘denim clinic’, a one-to-one appointment with a specialist style advisor available both online and in her boutiques, Donna arms women with knowledge, confidence and beautiful clothes. Looking after number one is just as important- hydration, relaxation and healthy habits help her to thrive...

Get The Gloss: What do you do to start your day in a positive way?

Donna Ida: I’m sure the amount of coffee I consume is beyond the recommended daily dose but I cannot get up without it. Always black, no sugar or milk. I always drink water first though so the first thing that hits my stomach is not a double espresso!  Water is so important and I drink a good two litres a day. I also find that the more you drink, the more you crave.

GTG: What are your morning beauty rituals?

I love to get up early and start the day at 5am. I cleanse, tone and moisturise with my hair tied back, then drive into London and put my make up on at the office. I’m sure that the team at my local coffee shop, which is my first stop, think that I roll makeup free! But hey, they just get to see the natural me.

GTG: What are the three most important things you do for yourself during the day?

Starting the day early after a good night’s sleep so that I am on top of things; if I am behind it ruins my whole day. Sleep is KEY! It’s so incredibly important to me. I train twice a week with  Claire Woodward  (@supergymchick) and she always makes me feel good about myself. After years of seeing her I don’t drag myself to the gym anymore and I’m no longer scared of what she’ll do to me! I am strong enough to take most things now. I also follow the Metabolic Balance programme, which  Petronella Ravenshear i ntroduced me to.  I’m not perfect so I veer off it from time to time but if I listen to what Petronella tells me and eat what I’m supposed to, I am clear minded, sharp, focused and feel light and happy.

GTG: What do you do to turn a bad day good?

DI: Sometimes if a day is bad, it’s just bad, but the great thing is that there is always a brand new one just around the corner! Smiling at people always helps though, if someone smiles at me it always makes me feel amazing, so we should all remember to smile more. Remember what Audrey Hepburn said; ‘happy girls are the prettiest’!

GTG: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

So many, and all food related. I don’t drink often and I don’t smoke but I do love food. I love chocolate but the second I have sugar or carbs I feel it in my body. It doesn’t stop me but I try to keep it to once a week.

GTG: How do you approach fresh starts? Do you do anything to detox or declutter?

DI: I like to declutter constantly. I hate mess and my mantra is ‘tidy desk tidy mind’ which my first boss taught me. I’m not a hoarder in any way and like constantly forward momentum which I think promotes constant fresh starts. It keeps your mind clear and makes me constantly crave newness in everything I do. On a practical level this means a lot of sorting, desk and drawer tidying and rearranging of cupboards. I love the fresh feeling it gives me and it keeps my mind clear.

GTG: What do you do to unwind and de-stress? How do you switch off from 'work mode’?

DI: The only way for me to unwind and de-stress is to work a lot. If I leave emails unanswered it plays on my mind and I can’t sleep; it puts me in a bad mood. If I work hard and stay on top of everything, I’m happy and sleep well. That means working smart as well as working hard, and ‘doing’ not just messing about shuffling paper. I can be as guilty of that as the next person so I constantly keep telling myself to ‘move’ ‘do it’ ‘don’t stop’. There is a little devil Donna by my side constantly shouting at me.

GTG:: What is your favourite indulgence?

DI: A facial and massage. And to float in the sea!

GTG: What are your night time beauty rituals?

DI: I tend to drink a lot of water before bed which is not the way to do it! You should really drink constantly during the day. I wash down magnesium and neurolactin before bed and spend a good 15 minutes in the bathroom showering, buffing and moisturising afterwards. Sometimes I apply a mask too- this Estée Lauder mask is wonderful and makes me look rested even before I go to sleep. I like my nails to be painted often as well so 2-3 times a week I take off my polish and repaint them in bed just before I go to sleep. I’m an expert at it - I never do I get a sheet mark!

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