It’s a three step bedtime routine kit that’s aimed at kids but had a nigh on miraculous effect on our sleep habits. Whether you want your little one to nod off or need help yourself, here’s why this is a worth a shot…

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We’re a restless bunch and have thrown a lot of strong stuff at  insomnia  in our time - from herbal remedies to sleeping pills and the odd nightcap (not actually helpful unfortunately), we’ve collectively tried almost everything in an effort to clock up good quality sleep. Some fixes have been temporary and some have involved total lifestyle overhauls, but who would have thought that one of the most potent sleep aids of all would be one intended for infants?

Despite the headline of this piece, babies often do not in fact sleep through the night, as anyone in the vicinity of one after lights out will well know, so anything that can promote the longest sleep possible without knocking their little baby socks off will likely be most welcome from parents, family, babysitters, the neighbours, the dog...etc. It was with this gentle yet effective soporific aim that was behind the creation of Bloom & Blossom Bedtime Routine Trio , £35. The Baby Sleep Massage Bedtime Baby Wash, Bedtime Massage Oil and Bedtime Pillow Spray were devised to provide both a practical and aromatherapeutic ‘signal’ for sleep, establishing a daily ‘bath to bed’ ritual and relaxing the senses by way of a blend of lavender, chamomile flower and ylang ylang. Maybe it’s the jazzy ylang ylang addition, perhaps it’s the regular bath before bed step or it could be the lingering body oil plus pillow spray power couple, but it’s turned out to be one of the most remarkable snooze solutions we’ve come across, and weirdly, for a brand aimed at babies, we’re not alone in our findings.

Laura, a fully grown adult working in marketing, has been a light sleeper for as long as she can remember, waking easily and enduring prolonged periods of insomnia when she’s especially stressed. Enter these three, however, and after a month or so she began to notice that she fell asleep more easily and, crucially, remained asleep, albeit reporting “crazy dreams”. Given that this sleep set is aimed at kiddos, we promise there are no hallucinogens involved, just clearly very crafty blending and a lot of consideration of what sets both a baby and adult for a decent night’s kip. It probably had as much to do with the habits it encourages and scene setting and it does the scent, but if it makes a real difference, we’ll take it.

Incidentally the Bloom & Blossom founders  turned to the photographer behind Prince Louis' christening pictures  Matt Porteous  for one of their first product shoots, so whether Harry and Meghan get him on board too remains to be seen, but given their recent admission to the “sleep deprivation society” as granted by Prince William, this kit could prove invaluable either way. Baby or no baby, it's the business if going to bed fills you with dread.

3 more aromatherapeutic sleep aids for adults

Mio Liquid Yoga Bath Soak, £20 for 200ml

Turns your bath into a baaahhhhth every single time. It combines stress-relieving essential oils with mineral salts to help to relax both muscles and mind, all in a silky, milky formula.

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This Works Sleep Balm, £12 for 8.6g

The The Works ‘superblend’ is scientifically proven to help you to fall asleep faster - dot this coconut oil based balm over pulse points and any dry bits (it makes a brilliant cuticle softener) and soak up the lavender laced aromatherapy benefits as it sinks in overnight.

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Botanics Lavender Rollerball, £4.99 for 10ml

This new travel friendly rollerball combines two different types of lavender for a ‘belt and braces’ approach to chilling out. Keep it on you for instant chill.

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